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  1. Hands free device law.

    What’s worse a lady putting two pounds of makeup on while driving on or talking on your phone?
  2. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Sounds like I guy I work with, lol
  3. 2 lamborghinis stolen from dealership with a rock

    One suspect is 18 years old. The other on the run.
  4. Kobe Bryant’s Dead

    Never liked the guy but had respect for his game. RIP
  5. Rent Control in Massachusetts

    I sold my rental about a year ago. The best decision I ever made.
  6. 3.4 million for a Ford?

    Nice collector piece. Bullitt was a classic. I take my old Mustang over any new Mustang . Nothing compares a classic muscle car to today’s new. Here is my girl resting for the winter.
  7. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    Thats how I read it. Odd timing on her end with allegations. I see this going nowhere.
  8. End of private transfers in MA?

    Alot of private transfers going down in Chicago.
  9. More cops shooting through windshield - and partner too

    The badge has magical powers. What f’in douches

    $5 and instant
  11. 2018-2019 New England Patriots thread

    Overall stellar game, kudos Pats. Def/ Offensive was on point. Going into KC I am not worried. Colts f up the game. So many missed opportunities, and penalties. If Pats keep the momentum going all around the ball we should be fine. I do not seeing the Pats giving up so many crucial flags and...
  12. 2018-2019 New England Patriots thread

    Overall the Colts shit the bed. Colts had numerous opportunities to get back into the game. Penalties, defense sucked and missed opportunities to recover the ball. Mistakes and all the above made the Colts look like shit.
  13. Cindy Crawford Mortified After She’s Mistaken For Caitlyn Jenner

    One has boobs and a kitten, the other has boobs and hangs.
  14. Stoughton IKEA employees, including manager, stole $65K, say police

    Could not pay me to buy cartons of dissembled furniture.
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