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  1. Sig MPX gen3

    Has anyone tried the gen3 Sig MPX? I've heard the earlier generation had a lot of issues with reliability. I'm considering one or building a 9mm PCC on a complete AR lower I have and use a CMMG 9mm upper.
  2. Pheasant Hunting questions

    I'm brand new to hunting and had some questions about hunting pheasants on WMA land in western mass, specifically Herman Covey in Belchertown. The first question is am I required to use steel shot if part of the hunting area abuts a pond? I'm not interested in hunting waterfowl at all but...
  3. Frankford Arsenal trimmer

    Has anyone tried the Frankford Arsenal trim and prep system for case trimming?
  4. steel target hanging from chains

    Does anyone know if it will be worth it for me to upgrade my target hangers from 5 grade carriage bolts to say grade 8 hex head bolts. This is was happened with in about 4 shots of a 308 at 100 yards. The carriage bolt had been running through the target but now is missing the head.
  5. Gongs from

    I bought some 3/8 gongs made with AR500 steel from, took them to the range today. I have to day the targets did wonderful, the mounting kits sucked. I recieved my order very quickly from vendor and only required a little sanding to remove any little burs or specks from the...
  6. Reloading and homeowner's insurance

    Does anyone know of any company that does homeowner's insurance that allows you to do reloading, with or without a rider? So far Amica and Preferred Mutual have told me no straight out and I can't get USAA coverage. Also the company will cover the house but exclude anything to do with reloading...
  7. Scope suggestion

    I just placed an order with my local gun shop for a savage FCP-10 in .308 Win. I'm trying to figure out what scope to buy. I'm probably going to mostly be target shooting but I might also use it for hunting in the future. My local range only goes out to 300 yards. I don't think I'll be shooting...
  8. Savage 10 FCP-K

    I'm starting to look into my next gun purchase and I want to pick up a bolt gun in .308. I'm pretty sure I want a savage and was thinking about the model 10FCP-K in .308. Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with it. I don't have the $1500 for the FCP HS precision or the McMillian stock one.
  9. As if I needed another reason NOT to move to california

    California governor signs bill to speed up gun seizures | Fox News I was also reading on another news site where the cops went to take a woman's guns away who was in a mental hospital for 2 days but she didn't answer the door so they just left. Some poor guy's wife had been a mental hospital...
  10. Savage Arms 111

    I've been having my eye on a Savage Arms 111 Trophy Rifle with Scope Package in .308. I was wondering if anyone else has tried one of these. Everything I read seems to have good reviews adn the scope is a Nikon one. I don't have alot to spend and the scope is listed for about $200 on most sites...
  11. Atlantic Firearms

    Has anyone had any experience ordering form Atlantic firearms? I've been thinking about ordering a couple of firearms from them in the next couple of months and I just wanted to see if any has heard things about the good or bad.
  12. Pheasant hunting

    I just thought I would ask what most people are using when hunting pheasant in the fall for choke and shot size. I've mostly heard from other places recs for #4-6 shot and a variety of chokes. Any input would be helpful as I plan to go for the first time this fall, going to be hunting some state...
  13. New Member from Palmer MA

    Just wanted to say, I recently joined the site after finding it while doing a google search. I'm a member of the Springfield Sportsman's club in Monson MA and have had my class A LTC for about 5 years now though I have only been shooting actively for about 2 years since I finally graduated...
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