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  1. WTS SOG Seal Pup - Seki Japan

    Slightly used SOG seal pup made in Seki Japan $80 shipped
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  3. KAC rear sights legit?

    What is with all the KAC rear sights for sale on eBay, forums etc.. for like $50-65 and marked with USMC. They retail for like $170. Are these things legit or some Chinese knockoff? Asked one seller and he said they came from a government auction. Why would the government auction off an absurd...
  4. Quality or Quantity?

    When I first started shooting I balked at the exorbitant prices of some handguns and rifles. “Who in their right mind could justify spending that much on a gun?!,” I thought. Well, apparently this guy about 12 years later. I have watched my collection slowly transform from inexpensive...
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  9. Benelli M1 Tactical vs M4?

    Shopping for a Benelli tactical shotgun. Thoughts on the M1 (inertia) vs M4 (gas)? I have only ever shot an M1 and am curious how it would compare. Wondering if I should save up a few more bucks for the M4. Thanks!
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  11. Brake / Comp vs A2 Flash Hider

    I have a colt upper with a 14.5 socom barrel & factory pinned extended A2 flash hider. It looks cool but I find the gun pretty jumpy. I have been considering swapping out to a brake or comp. Do you all think they make a substantial enough difference? Neighbors at the range are not an issue some...

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  18. Any Runners on NES?

    I mean like actual running / jogging and further than the length of WalMart on Black Friday. This year I decided to return from my 15 year hiatus of physical activity. I am too cheap to join a gym so I started running. I had no idea how out of shape I was! Well, maybe a little bit, but man was...
  19. Appendix Holster Recommendations

    Got a new gun so it is time to get a new holster. I really want to make appendix carry work. I have tried the Vedder appendix holster and also the Stealth Gear appendix holster in the past but had the same problem with both. After 4 hours or so it feels like a nerve is being pinched on my hip...
  20. What would happen if you peed on a space heater?

    In the winter we put a space heater in our bathroom. It has a short cord and, by default, lives right next to the toilet. Many, many times I have thought to myself when taking a leak, “What would happen if I accidentally peed on that thing?” Would it just sizzle and smell really bad? Or would...
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