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  1. WTS S&W MP340 $650-

    This S&W 357 mag comes with all it originally was furnished with by factory. Excellent condition, carried a couple times, fired less than 50 rounds of factory 38sp. Trigger work done by Greg Derr. Transfer to be done on my dime at Outer Limits Pro Shop in Holbrook MA. Can send pics via email or...
  2. WTS J frame Crimson Trace CT105 grip $140-

    NIB / Crimson Trace CT 105 grip for S&W J frame round butt. Never carried tried on gun only. $160- shipped within Cont. US. 8/21 PRICE REDUCTION $150- *NEW PRICE 9/12* $140-
  3. Massachusetts dealer charging a premium to residents?!?

    REALLY?!? I just read this classified ad.... New in Box Hk MR556A1 comes in the factory softcase with manual, sights, tools and 1 30rd or 10rd magazine Massachusetts AWB compliant - $2995 MA tax additional Out of State buyers or LE price - $2795 MA tax additional, shipping charges may...
  4. City / Town employees?

    I think I may be having a mid-life crisis. I'm contemplating apply for a new job. I am currently employed with a pretty good job. I have searched around lately for something with a pension and/or some sort of retirement health insurance. I found a job posting today working for a smallish local...
  5. WTS New HKS Speedloaders

    NIB 9 shot 22lr HKS speedloader $20- 1 avail NIB 6 shot 9mm HKS speedloader $35- 2 avail Price is shipped within cont US. [email protected](dot)net
  6. WTS Withdrawn

  7. WOW! Reality check last night!

    Now last nite, I awake from a sound sleep to my wife saying there's a man on our deck. I sit up in bed and she her peeking out the blinds of our slider. I say "what the expletive is going on"? She then says "I think he tried opening the slider". Our slider actually opens to our bed room. I jump...
  8. Any shops sell 454 Casull or at least 45 Colt in S.E. MA?

    I should be aquiring a hand cannon this weekend. Hopefully get to get some range time with it. It's a Ruger Super Redhawk 7.5" 454 Casull.
  9. Avon Fish and Game

    Any one here have any info?
  10. Revolver or semi for carry?

    Which do you carry a revolver or semiauto? What caliber and number of reloads?
  11. Rev. Sun Myung Moon won't be down for breakfast....

    Hopefully that means my Kahr MK9 has increased in value......
  12. Newbie

    I just bought a Dillon Square Deal to start reloading 38/357, 45ACP and 9mm. Where is the best variety of supplies? I am located in S.E. Mass.
  13. ??? no access

    I can't reply to a post in the members classified? Is my membership canceled or run out?

    I am now a contributing member.....
  15. Spring clean-up

    I'm looking to get the leaves and sticks raked up. I can no longer do it due to an illness. I am willing to pay cash to anyone who will do the labor for me. You don't need a truck to haul off the debris I have a spot on my property to dump. I will supply the rake and a tarp if needed. My yard is...
  16. ***Do Not Buy***

    I think I have been ripped off! I purchased a chest holster on November 25, 2010, or so I thought. The web site states 4-6 week wait. I paid for it by credit card and never recieved it. Is it too late to contact my credit card company? What other...
  17. Shoulder holster recomendation for a S&W CS45

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for a black leather shoulder holster to fit my Smith & Wesson Chief Special .45. I want it to be comfortable and sturdy, not necessarily economical.
  18. Pink Guns....

  19. Holbrook Sportsmans Club

    Any members out there?
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