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  1. WTS Fixed mag AR-15 Speedloaders lower price (1/8/2002)

    Up for sale are 3 Bear Flag Defense BF–10 AR–15 fixed magazine speed loader for 5.56 MM, 223 REM, 300 blackout rifle/pistols. These are the speed loaders for a fixed mag AR. They work well if you have a fixed Mag AR, they do exactly what they say they do Cash price: $25/eachCash only for all...
  2. Red dot on SD9VE

    Has anyone mounted a red dot on a SD9VE? If so, what are my options? Mounting plate vs having a smith mill it? I may buy something optics ready but this is what I have at the moment and I want to know my options. Michael
  3. Bent decapping pins

    I am new to this and I have bent 3 decapping pins recently I’m using a Lee single stage press and Lee dies. After about 2k rounds, my first pin bent. Then I bought replacements and just bent 2 (after about 500 more) I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. any suggestions? michael
  4. Self Defense 9mm Bullet Weight

    NOVX vs Buffalo Bore Can someone explain to me, why one is better/worse/different in a 9mm handgun, in a self defense situation?
  5. WTS post not preceded by WTS box

    Some classified posts are not preceded by the WTS box like this: But some are, like this: May be a small thing, but my OCD was irritated.
  6. Glock Question

    1. Is it true that if you have a Glock 20, you can shoot .40 if you use a glock 22 barrel? 2. Also it is true that If you have a Glock 22, you can switch to a Glock 31 Barrel to make it shoot .357 Sig And with a Conversion barrel(and Mag) it will shoot 9mm... 3. Would that mean that if...

    Has anyone used Massachusetts Gun Safety School For their basic firearms safety course? I’m looking for something just to satisfy the requirement in Ma, not to teach her anything. It’s for Mrs. Luv.
  8. WTS remove please

    Remove- Lack of interest
  9. 10/22 jam

    I was shooting my stock 10/22 today, Was flawless for 100+ rounds and then I had an issue...I had the back of the cartridge blow back at me, it did fire, but the hollow cartridge, (what was left of it, jammed I couldn’t get it out until I got home. Never had that issue before. Any ideas?
  10. 92FS hammer

    So a coworker has a full size 92FS and wants to smooth the trigger pull, and his idea is to buy a new hammer and smooth out(grind down) the notches a 1 @ 2 on the diagram below. Strikes me as not the best idea as I would imagine they are there for a reason, but what the hell do I know. Can...
  11. Somerville votes to lower voting age to 16

    City Council Approves Lowering Voting Age In Somerville Elections SOMERVILLE, MA — Somerville is poised to become the first community in Massachusetts to have a voting age of 16. The city council unanimously voted Thursday night to extend voting rights in local elections to 16- and...
  12. Bipod for 10/22

    Can anyone with experience suggest a bipod for a Ruger 10/22. It’s not modified and has wood stock. Also inexpensive scope. Thanks!
  13. NM Super Blackhawk

    Is there any major difference between a new model super Blackhawk built in 74-75 versus something that you would buy new today?
  14. HOT .357

    180 gr. Hard Cast LFN -GC (1400 fps/ME 783 ft lbs) 158 gr. JHP (1475 fps/ME 763 ft lbs) 125 gr. JHP (1700 fps/ME 802 ft lbs) Can someone help me with the differences? I understand heavier bullet, and more powder How does that affect recoil, felt recoil... Edit: These are from the Buffalo...
  15. 20g slugs, Woburn area

    Like the title says, looking for a couple of boxes. Four seasons only had a few boxes of 20g, no slugs. Full disclosure, I really haven’t made any more of an effort than posting this. Thanks!
  16. GSG-522 “adjustable” stock

    I bought a GSG-522 at FS a few years ago. The stock is this one. It’s fixed for some reason. Anyone have one and/or do you know how to make it adjustable again? Michael
  17. Learning the Basics

    So I’ve taken the advice of the group, from my other threads about buying a bolt action for short range shooting. I’m gonna learn the basics. Start at the bottom, and go up as I learn. I picked up a used 10/22 today, basic one with the wood stock. I’ll shoot it and see what we can do...
  18. Savage Axis vs Axis II

    What’s the difference. I must be missing something but when I was on the savage website, the only difference I saw a note it was a more ergonomic stock. There has to be more than that???
  19. Short range shooting

    I’m thinking of purchasing a rifle for short range shooting. I’m a member of MRA so I’m limited to a 200 yard range. Aside from .22, I’ve never really shot rifles so I’m looking to get something entry level but accurate for the range I’m using. I think for this distance I can get away...
  20. .45 1911 or Non 1911

    Positives and negatives of 1911 vs Non 1911 .45 Sub $900 range, home defense, carry or target shooting... Go
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