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  1. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    Bingo, yeah I don't care how long it takes. Just want them to come out nice. I've done a few, but still am in no rush. Especially after I tried to chew off some extra with a pass and snapped all the teeth off my bit. I bought some chemicals to put a finish on the inside finished product. First...
  2. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    How do you mill it out with that time of equipment, do you have to make measurements and adjust how far it mills on the x, y, and z axis? I see what you're saying, I paid the same and the jig is only useful for making AR lowers. I just didn't feel I'd use such a machine for anything else...
  3. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    Heh, yeah... so having zero previous experience with milling anything I bought a Bosch router for the 80% lowers. It came with a standard base, plunger base, and a table attachment so I can learn how to use it on wood at some point as well. It was under $300. That is some pretty sweet machining...
  4. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    I definitely put too much pressure on a cobalt bit and it blew all the teeth off when it hung up. Interesting, from what I've read I didn't know you can't dull the cobalt on aluminum, even if it heats up huh. Thanks, I will look into it. I'm glad someone is finally making a metal reinforced...
  5. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    Crap, they use radar now dont they. So hypothetically speaking, it in a tree like i said. LOL. Unless they use tree penetrating radar... Is that a thing?
  6. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    That is true that it doesn't impact the function if it is not perfectly cut, so long as you are able to keep it clean. I believe part of the reason it can take longer is to prevent the bits from heating up. 20 minutes, did you burn up the bit?
  7. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    That's great you can bang them out in an hour... it doesn't help me. Can we see a picture of how nice one came out? I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm sure it can, but I don't care to rush it. I clear all the chips away after every pass. It takes time. Per the 80% Arms instructions they...
  8. Rust on my Glock custom build

    Ouch, I only bought stainless slides.
  9. AR build in MA. Now AR-10!

    Unless you get an 80%... then you can ship it to your door. Or has MA banned those already? So how is the build going?
  10. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    Someone was asking me about my experience carving out an 80% and thought I could share the info I have. I haven't carved a Polymer80 but from what I hear the plastic is a lot easier to work with. I'd also imagine it takes much less time, I spent at least 5 hours cutting the metal ones. 1. I've...
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