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  1. Appeals Court Rules Concealed Carry Not Constitutionally Protected.

    Hopefully not a dupe. 10th District Court of Appeals in Colorado ruled Friday that the right to concealed carry not protected under the 2nd Amendment. Hopefully this will not be a growing trend. Federal court says concealed gun permits not protected by 2nd Amendment | Fox News
  2. New Fox 25 Poll

    New Poll on FOX 25 asking if teachers with LTC should be able to carry at school. Link attached: Home - Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston
  3. Junior FID/Restricted FID for Minor

    Thank You for all the responses... I think I am going to just have her take the Handgun Class. At fifteen will they allow her to take the handgun class at MRA. I'm only asking about MRA because I'm a member there and it would be more convenient.
  4. Junior FID/Restricted FID for Minor

    Sounds logicial.... Thank you for your input..
  5. Junior FID/Restricted FID for Minor

    Thank you for your response.. That I understand. My question was that there is nothing in the MGL's for minors with a restriced FID. It states that you must be 18 years old. Yet with a Junior FID, with parental consent, it is a shall issue. Basically, I wanted to know if I could get her a...
  6. Junior FID/Restricted FID for Minor

    My stepdaughter is turning fifteen in about a month and was looking to get her either a Junior FID card or Restricted FID card. I am a little confused on the laws. For the Junior FID it states that with parental consent a Junior FID will be issued for 15-18 year olds. The restricted FID has no...
  7. CCW in restaurant with a bar

    In Maine, Portland anyway. If a restaurant posts a sign at the door that states no firearms, it is legally binding. Meaning, that is your trespass warning.
  8. New Serpa Holster

    Thanks for the info
  9. New Serpa Holster

    I had a question... Just picked up a Serpa for my Sig 229. I am used to carrying the 229 with one in the pipe. I usually carry with a Bianchi leather holster with a thumbbreak that covers the hammer. I am concerned about carrying this way with the Serpa for fear that the hammer will get snagged...
  10. Utah Concealed Carry License Class in the Taunton Area

    Interested as long as it does not interfere with Easter.....
  11. Collecting Data on Gun License Per Capita by Town

    Add me to your list of Meffa shooters... Class A Unrestricted.
  12. Need to replace GunVault -- eats batteries

    I leave mine plugged in. I believe the directions indicate that you can do that.
  13. Where did you buy your first gun?

    A Sig Sauer 229 9mm at Four Seasons in Woburn.
  14. Places Where Guns Are Not Allowed

    While reading through 740 CMR it seems to me that these regs were written for individuals that are working on airport property. IANAL but that is how I interpret it. I of course could be completely wrong. I hate to open up an old thread but was just reading through this and wanted to give my two...
  15. Carrying at Logan

    If this has been discussed before I apologize. I am driving someone to the airport on Sunday morning and was wondering if I could carry. I will not be going into the airport. Just dropping them off at arrivals and helping to get their bags to the curb. If anyone knows the answer to this please...
  16. Sig P229RM or P239RM

    I had the same dilemma and ended up getting the 229. No regrets! A little tough to conceal during the summer months. But that's why they make J-Frames.
  17. Check Finally Cashed

    N.H. finally cashed my check yesterday. Judging from previous posts I should see my license in about two weeks.....
  18. Doctor stabbed by patient at 50 Staniford St., LTC holder saves the day 1&d1=558734&LaunchPageAdTag=Station...
  19. Doctor stabbed by patient at 50 Staniford St., LTC holder saves the day

    While watching the new this morning I noticed that the DA said in him press conference that Mr. Langone was a "civilian shooter". Of course the media will not admit this, at least the DA did. And it is on record.
  20. Doctor stabbed by patient at 50 Staniford St., LTC holder saves the day

    This is not true... I was a security officer in Boston for 8 years.. No formal training, only company policy training. And I was not a Special Police Officer. The fact that this guy was a security guard holds no merit. He might as well have been a mechanic. There is no difference. Unless of...
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