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  1. Monument Beach SC

    This club lists "Steel Shoots" on their calendar with no specifics. Reference is made to pistols and rifles, but not caliber, nor is the COF described. I would like to attend the March 11 match, but need more info. Is anyone familiar with these matches?
  2. Harvard USPSA Match 7/10

    This match is listed for the same weekend as the Area 7 match. I would assume that it has been cancelled but don't know for sure.
  3. WPRC Steel Match 11/1

    The match is listed on the calendar but not Practiscore. Is it on for this Sun or not?
  4. CERF Match at SIG in NH

    Don't forget the Chaplain's Emergency Relief Fund Steel Match at the SIG Academy in Epping NH this Sat 7/11. Great match for a worthy cause. Come out and support our troops.
  5. Taccom Stock for the AR Carbine

    I don't use collapsible stocks on my ARs because I really have no need for them and MA says its a no no. I do, however, shoot Steel Challenge matches with a light weight rimfire rifle built on an AR lower. When 22 ammo went through the roof I turned to air soft rifles for practice on an indoor...
  6. Black Dog Machine Sale

    Black Dog Machine is having a sale; 1/2 off. I just bought three ten round mags for my AR/22 for $12 each. Great price as these are the new model with SS feed lips. Too bad they are only ten round capacity. Shooters living in the free world will have a greater variety to choose from.
  7. NB Steel 11/29

    Is the New Bedford steel match on for this Sat 11/29? I ask because it is listed in Bill M's calendar, but not on the USPSA NE Section match calendar. This is rather important to me because I have to arrange for vacation time to shoot a Sat match.
  8. Harvard Steel Match 10/18

    Is the steel match on for this Sat 10/18?
  9. Blade Tech/Optics Planet

    I just decided to upgrade my IDPA holster for the SIG P 226 from an Uncle Mike's to a Blade Tech. Optics Planet is selling the $69.95 OWB holster for $41+ with free shipping. A coupon lowers the price to $37 delivered to your door. The only down side is that the holster comes with a "Tech Lock"...
  10. Steel Challenge at HSC 7/29

    Is the SC match at Harvard on for this Sat 7/19?
  11. New Bedford Steel Challenge

    Is the NB SC match on for this Sat? Does anyone know which stages we will shoot?
  12. Double Alpha Rotary Case Tumbler

    Attention all you liquid/ss rod tumblers! Double Alpha has just introduced a rotary tumbler (500 pistol cases/300 rifle) with a clear lexan barrel specifically designed for this method of cleaning for $299.95. IT is completely programmable for time and direction of rotation and comes with a...
  13. Steel Challenge at NB 3/29

    Just checked the calendar and found that the NB SC match on 3/29 is listed as full. Is this a mistake? I didn't even know that there was any pre-registration. Tell me it isn't true. I even bought some new boots and long underwear in case the temps were as low as in the Jan match.
  14. Corn Cobb Media

    I called Clint in Beverly today as I was low on corn cob grit but couldn't get through; the number was out of service. A little research came up with Fortune Metal Finishing (781-449-4160) in Needham MA. They quoted me a price of $.47 per lb so I bought a couple of 40 lb bags. The purchase...
  15. IDPA Matches at Harvard

    The pistol competition schedule lists IDPA matches at Harvard on 11/22 and 11/23. Metro West Tactical lists a match on 11/29. Can someone give us the correct date (or dates)?
  16. Magpul MOE AR Rifle Stock

    After many years of using an ACE skeleton stock, I changed over to the new Magpul MOE stock. The Ace was a great stock, but I needed a higher comb to place my eye in proper alignment with the Leupold CQ/T scope that I was using. I gambled on the chance that this new Magpul stock would give...
  17. Harvard Rifle Match 11/10

    Does anyone know the particulars on this match? Round count and number of stages would be a big help.
  18. Local Plating

    I have a couple of guns that need plating. I want to do them in industrial hard chrome, also known as "Metalife". This has been my favorite finish for years due to its durability. Shipping a firearm has become quite expensive so I thought that a local plater could save me some $. So far, I have...
  19. Posting

    I logged in successfully and just spent a lot of time creating a post. When I attempted to complete the post, it was rejected because I was not logged in. This is not the first time this has happened and it is beginning to become extremely irritating. We are encouraged to become "members". The...
  20. Bass River 6/2

    Is Bass River going to have a match on June 2nd? They are listed in Bill McCurdy's calendar but not in the USPSA Northeast Match listings.
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