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  1. Hungarian heavy ball 7.62x54r

    Anyone remember this stuff? From what I can tell its Hungarian heavy ball 7.62x54r with a steel core. I know the supply is dried up so I can't find much info on it.
  2. Looking for a Swiss 1911 long rifle

    Popular distributor is sold out and to be honest I'm not sure they'll be getting any more. If anyone here has a source, pm me. Do not post distributors here.
  3. Inland's new M37 trench gun

    Inland Manufacturing M37 Trench Shotgun Saw it on the front of Firearms News (formerly Shotgun News). Awesome looking gun but damn... that msrp!
  4. NH gun shop owner decides for you?

    Saw this on the news today: The shop in the video is Wildlife Taxidermy and Sports in NH. According to the owner, if he doesn't think you seem ok, you can't buy a...
  5. The holy grail of AK kits I'm wondering how high this will actually go.
  6. OATH ammunition This looks interesting. Expensive as hell, but interesting.
  7. CMP talks pricing regarding 1911s $1000 to start. Definitely not as cheap as I figured they'd be.
  8. NY's finest carrying what?!

    A friend of mine took this picture today. Looks like NY police are now carrying Mini14s.
  9. Signikov?

  10. New show The Weapon Hunter

    On the Smithsonian channel right now. The host is in search of the best WW2 sniper rifle.
  11. Primary Arms AR scopes? Anyone have experience with this model? I'm looking to get a decent lightweight scope for a build I did and want to stay around the $300 range.
  12. Stechkin

    Saw something cool today on Guns and Ammo tv. A segment on a select fire Makarov called the Stechkin. All the years I've been shooting and into guns, I've never even heard of it. I'm posting this from a phone with tapatalk so I'm not sure the video link will show.
  13. Support AJ's Firearms

    Some of you know AJ as fellow NESr Ink. He and his father held a few AK build parties at their truck repair shop in Acushnet, MA and generously provided many NES folks with tools, and knowledge to build AKs from kits, not to mention springing for lunch for everyone who attended. Earlier today...
  14. BCM customer service

    I've never had a problem with Bravo Company USA before but I've never had to send anything back. Now that I'm trying to get in touch with them, the phone number is always busy and I can't get a reply to my email asking for return authorization. Anyone have an issue with them? FWIW, I ended...
  15. Knives you always wanted but never bought

    Recent knife threads had me thinking about blades lately and the story about the dead guy with 1200 guns had a video of his collection which included a knife I always wanted but never had the cash for. That knife (using the term lightly here) is an Al Mar Pathfinder. At almost 20" overall it's...
  16. Picked up something cool today

    Anyone have info on it? Looks like it was originally blue.
  17. Russian optics

    Really neat but I wish I knew how to read Russian.
  18. Looking for something to do today (6/27)?

    I posted this in the off topic section but I know some of you only check here. If you go, be sure to check out the museum. Its got a great collection of firearms, probably one of the largest next to the WW2 museum and Springfield Armory.
  19. WTB Cheap washing machine

    Looking to buy a cheap washing machine locally in Southeastern Mass. Not looking for anything fancy as this will stay at the apartment I currently rent. The one I'm using is leaking grease into the drum and it's not worth fixing.
  20. Gun show bingo

    Adam from Acme posted this on fb and I thought I'd share here. Might have to make a few copies for when the fall shows start up in Mass.
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