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  1. Question about primer prices

    next thing you know the feds will put a tax on condoms.
  2. RCBS

    I bought a universal hand priming tool from RCBS and it don't work half the time. primers either come out upside down or backwards or even yet fall out on the floor. I am very disapointed with it. Sending it back so they can square it away.
  3. RCBS

    What is your opinion of RCBS products?
  4. I made a couple of reloading videos

    nice video, but I wish you pictured a working mans press and setup. Dillon, as we know, top of the line!!
  5. RCBS universal hand tool

    Anybody have one of these? I bought one and the tray that feeds the tool suppose "flip" the primers in loading position for the tool to use. Well they come out upside down half the time. They are loaded in a square plastic container you are suppose to shake to right side up them. Half the time...
  6. small pistol primers

    I am going to reload some 9mm. Would any small pistol primer do, if I do not have the exact one called for by the recipe?
  7. powder scales

    What is better to own a balance beam scale or a electronic scale? What are the 2 top brands in both categories? I looking to but either one, but I want a working mans price...
  8. expiration of pisttol permit

    What is the total number of days allowed to act by a licensing authority after expiration has passed?
  9. Gov. Patrick's Response to my email...

    Does this mean law abiding citizens are turned into criminals and the criminals are let free?
  10. NYPD testing new technology to detect Concealed Carry

    This is the Republic of Amerika. You have no civil rights.
  11. Gun Room, Shrewsbury, MA

    Watch out for Peter Dowd. Dealt with him before. A crook he is!!!
  12. Letter to Elizabeth Warren

    How is it that Massachusetts is "gifted" on having a track record of electing ass holes like these two? Now the shit has been spilled over into New York.
  13. Article: An Act To Strengthen and Enhance Firearms Laws in the Commonwealth

    Will I need a permit to hunt with a spear?
  14. What You’ll See In The Rebellion

    One thing that could be done is to stop enlistment in our arm services. Let Obama fight his own wars. There isn't nothing in it for the US but blood and more expense we don't need.Let the rest of the world fight their wars.
  15. WTF happened to Craftsman tools!?!?!

    like every other damn commodity coming into this country, it is made in China.Its time this congress of ours wakes up and bring our American quality products and jobs back home.
  16. lyman 357 die question

    Yes. its looks identical, except for the decapping pin.the top knob with the knurl is open and threaded inside. Thanks
  17. lyman 357 die question

    I just picked up a 3 die set of Lyman dies at a yard sale. they look a little rusted, but Im sure I can bring them back to usable condition. My question is one of the dies is stamped "FL" on it and has a threaded top on the inside of the die.What is it used for in the reloading sequence? Thanks
  18. Lee four die pistol set

    I just purchased a 4 die Lee carbide pistol set. I will be using an RCBS bench powder drop kit. My question is, Can I omit the powder through expanding die, since I won;t be in need of using the supplied powder dipper?
  19. Gun Room, Shrewsbury, MA

    Hell, these 2 turkeys that own it now had just bought it from another crook. Mr.Dowd.
  20. B

    In your avatar, is that Obama's Uncle Tanoose in the picture? Its hard to tell, they all look alike.

    In your avatar, is that Obama's Uncle Tanoose in the picture? Its hard to tell, they all look alike.
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