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  1. Canadians only turned in 160 "evil assault rifles"

    Something you probably won't shell out the cash to own.
  2. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    Pretty sure solitary confinement in prison would likely be the "cheapest" option for the offender. I can't be asked to reload 9mm. It's all about reducing the cost of stupidly priced things like 45-70, 460S&W or making things I cannot get like .401 Winchester self-loader.
  3. Shop Pictures

    Where you located?
  4. Differences between AR carry handles?

    At the current rate those are all acceptable. Colt has some ground to regain considering their recent buyout and less recent bankruptcy. RRA has remained consistent though gotten into some political hot water in recent years as well. Between the Colt, RRA, Spikes, and Aero you're good to go...
  5. Happy Santa

    Python or K-frame? I feel like Santa might be a schofield kind of man.
  6. Happy Santa

    @MAGAArms Can confirm. Santa is armed and ready to protect Christmas with the Noveske Space Invader. View:
  7. Happy Santa

    That's not the real Santa. Santa is a gun dealer at my building I have proof.
  8. Deals and steals

    Whatever you posted isn't showing.
  9. Big shoutout to Neil Tassel

    I am overly glad to hear that outcome. Sounds like you need a universal key though. I keep one at the shop for how often people lose the keys to those locks.
  10. Anderson Hammer Question

    Anderson has both styles of lower parts kits so that also checks out.
  11. Anderson Hammer Question

    So it is fairly normal. I don't use them, but that's because I don't use Anderson. The product is fine though. Bobbed hammers technically lock up faster, but I don't have much stock in that.
  12. Is my general hunting spot ruined?

    I guess he doesn’t know if a wild bear shits in the woods. Don’t be too hard on him.
  13. School me on FNH FNX9 - anyone own one?

    That was stated prior to get them all in his hands. I honestly forgot about the p09/p07. Those are both hands down better guns than the FNX9
  14. Full Auto LPVO

    Well the real fun was the fact it was f***ing pouring. But full auto is entirely a technique and just meeting a minimum required amount of upper body strength. That’s not all that special. You can see it from another video I have posted with a mostly correct XM177 on the same day. The soaking...
  15. Full Auto LPVO

    Can’t remember which URGI upper it is, but it either has a surefire 4-prong flash suppressor or a surefire closed tined flash hider. So no muzzle brake at all. You could track the dot on 1x flawlessly and some of the transitional fire we did after was fantastic.
  16. Full Auto LPVO

    So I remember seeing a thread asking about both eyes open shooting with LPVO and recoil management. I made mention of that it is not only attainable, but completely controllable even in full auto. Got around to getting footage when at a shared range session with another FFL/SOT. Figure this...
  17. What the hell Standard Manufacturing?

    Hey man. As long as you can still firmly grasp it.
  18. What the hell Standard Manufacturing?

    Nobody needs all their fingers either. But I'd prefer to keep it at 10 just for giggles.
  19. What the hell Standard Manufacturing?

    It’s only impressive because it was an otherwise actually very good company. Otherwise bad products kill companies all the time.
  20. What the hell Standard Manufacturing?

    Between both of these images you are both out to hurt @dgrantdoherty's feelings. But Drgrant has it right about .22 being a window licker's playground. Is it just ugly though? Sincere question there. haha Since we're on the subject of shitting on bad mossberg decisions let's not forget the...
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