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  1. WTB P320 X5 slide

    Looking for a P320 X5 slide, can be standard or legion. No optic, just factory X5 sights.
  2. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    Do a karma for one. Not one box, just one single primer. See how many takers you get
  3. MODS please DELETE

    Mods please delete
  4. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    I’ll trade you some hammer down 357 magnum.;)
  5. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Loaded some IBEJ 124 CN BB (with lube groove) and some 124 CN FB (NLG). same powder, OAL, etc. Shot about the same, but the NLG seemed smokier for some reason. Or maybe it was the atrocious air handling system? Also chrono'ed some older loads on the new gun, and got weird results. 115gr FMJ...
  6. Ghost Guns & "The Internet Loophole"

    I say scam site, based upon the website being written in Amazon Chinese. "Amazon Chinese" being the primary language of vendors selling made of chineseium garbage knock offs on Amazon. Its a sub-dialect of google translate. In any case, I feel like the ATF would have a better honeypot. Even...
  7. Pick Me a Pump Shotgun

    Make sure the fit is good. Mossbergs do not fit me well because the trigger group is farther forward from the grip than other shotguns. This caused me to only be able get a half palm grip on the stock, and as a consequence, I had poor recoil control. I had to fix this with a pistol grip...
  8. Stretch Armstrongs vs 700 nitro express

    Will this be in Toy Story 5?
  9. Brass ratting, it's a disease

    What range? Asking for a friend.............
  10. WTB/WTT bullseye powder

    There’s a better chance of Biden making sense than obtaining bullseye, but here is the bump regardless.
  11. P320 Threaded Barrel Question

    One other thing, verify the thread pattern on the barrel will work for your muzzle device. Mine is metric, and left hand twist! As you are probably aware, pretty much every 9mm muzzle device uses a 1/2x28. I am guessing SIG figured this out in the least few years, but is another thing to ask.
  12. P320 Threaded Barrel Question

    I have the Compact RX slide and it shoots my 4.7” threaded barrel on the same spring without issue, at least with medium and up loads (1050fps at 115gr). That barrel 4.3” in your post may be too short for your non “X” compact slide. Note the X-compact slide is for a 3.6” barrel, the "non-X"...
  13. Black Rifles, Reputations, and Redemption: What Really Happened to Jim Zumbo

    They'll never leave us alone. Anyone who cannot see that lives in a delusion. An appeaser is someone who feeds a croc, hoping it will eat them last.
  14. Sig grip weight

    Those are for the X-compact, I have the X-carry, although you could probably get all three in the slot for the X-carry and keep them in place with some o-rings.
  15. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    the nacho had them two months ago. Shooters still had the ones mentioned above about an hour or so ago, and a few 209
  16. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    Should I buy more of everything before Putin invades Ukraine and Xi follows with Taiwan? Asking for a friend.
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