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  1. Whats the "Best CLP"? What do you use?

    Only for my Glock frames.
  2. FN Hi Power - It’s Back!

    nope if it has a ambi safety is will BE the bomb. Lefties of the world, untie, um unite..
  3. Ice fishing question…

    based upon what my ice fishing friends tell me, Dr McGillicuddy's Mentholmint Schnapps Liqueur and Fireball seems to be a requirement....
  4. dupe delete please - Best Firearm Clean, Lube and Protect test

    How many gigabytes of data are taken on this site with fights about "what lube is best" . Here is some interesting tests and data. For the TLDR crowd, Break Free CLP did very well and Frog Lube not so much and yes he pronounces Hoppe's as "Hops"
  5. Called out for not wearing a mask

    That is a type of KN95 mask used in my doctor's office. The fold are on top and bottom, not on the left and right sides so they do look duck like. I keep a fakemaskusa mask stuffed on my pocket when I have to wear one in a medical setting.
  6. VHS-2 Bullpup

    Lefties can shoot it, it's an ambi rifle:
  7. VHS-2 Bullpup

    Does it use standard AR mags? I'm in MA and have a boatload of pre 1993. It's lefty friendly so it's on the radar
  8. Appliance service

    D&S Appliance out of Franklin has a $150 show up charge to diagnose the problem. I have used them 3-4 times and they have done warrantee and non warrantee work. I don't think there was a show up charge for warrantee work but did for the non warrantee work. They came out, diagnosed the problem...
  9. Ghost Gunner 3 now mills 0% lowers

    Hear from the man himself:
  10. Which finger do you use for the mag release on a handgun?

    I'm a lefty and use my trigger finger (index finger) to release the magazine. It is evidenced by your lack of that choice in your poll of your strong anti-lefty bias. :)
  11. SKS as an inexpensive apocalypse weapon?

    Go to and check out his $60 trigger job. It made a world of difference on my ChiCo SKS
  12. RI man arrested selling ghost guns

    anyone else old enough to have watched this show as a kid?
  13. Best round for Canada geese

    that's because it is the correct term to use, No Soup For You:
  14. Called out for not wearing a mask

    I'm flying to my vacation spot and will be required to wear a mask, I may have misspoke about "law" but I need a mask to get on a plane
  15. Called out for not wearing a mask

    My game of counting the white women over 30 not wearing masks at the grocery store is getting more difficult each trip. I got another couple of : masks for my vacation flight next month, they are a joy to wear when you have to by law.
  16. S&W Introduces the new SHIELD EZ 30 SUPER CARRY in the new 30 SUPER CARRY Caliber

    nope, not a new cal for me. What's the over/under timeline that the cal ends up in the "bad decision" graveyard. I'm sure their target market will not be reloading anytime
  17. Any suggestions on making a Mac-11 Cobray into a semi-serviceable weapon?

    look up the concept of Sunk Cost We've all made a bad decision, dumb gun or bad stock pick. The important thing is to learn from it and not dwell on it and move on. Don't waste time trying to recoup you money, you can't.
  18. It's 2022 - anyone still carrying a revolver?

    I have found that the short barrel J frames do not get much more velocity from the .357 over .38 but the .357 sure suck to fire with kick and flames.
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