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  1. WTB Mass m&p .45 full size trigger

    Anyone have their mass factory trigger internals they’re willing to get rid of from an m&p .45 full size (no thumb safety). If you haven’t thrown in right in the trash when you upgraded please send me a pm I’m looking for one in the south shore area. Thanks in advance
  2. What's your go to boot?

    I've been a red wing logger guy for some time now and considering trying a different brand this go around. So for those of you that wear loggers what's the best deal? I.e. Fit, durability and price. ..... and go!
  3. Conceal carry in a commercial vehicle?

    Not sure if it's been covered before but I tried a search before posting. I drive a tractor trailer day cab local and can't seem to find an actual yes or no if it's OK to carry in a commercial vehicle within the state of my LTC was issued. It somebody could shed some light on this for me it...
  4. WTS White iPhone 4s (sprint)

    Just upgraded and have no use for it anymore. White 16 gig in great shape always had otter box case on it and screen protector. Looking to get $100 or best offer.
  5. WTS WTS/WTT Mathews solocam bow

    Looking to sell my right handed mathews solocam compound bow. Comes in soft case and a dozen arrow shafts that I haven't put together yet. Looking to get $350 PM if interested
  6. WTS Like new icon motorcycle jacket

    I have for sale a like new icon motorcycle jacket that I bought last season and wore maybe a handful of times. In great condition no rips or tears even comes with the zip out thermo liner for the cold weather riders. It is 3xl in size, not sure if it'll fit I'm about 6'2" 240 pounds medium build...
  7. Anyone else have this problem?

    So yesterday received my ghost connector and spring kit for my glock 23, installed it and hit the range this morning. The trigger itself is pretty crisp and not too light/heavy just rite but now it's having a problem resetting. The first few rounds were fine but after that I pretty much had to...
  8. Why does Mother Nature hate me?!?!

    So I recently bought a few new guns and everytime I have a day off it rains to spoil my plans to hit the range. Anyone know of an indoor rifle friendly range in the New Bedford/ Fall River area maybe 100/200 yards?
  9. Where can I find this??

    Does anybody know where I can find this furniture set that's mass friendly aka no Pmag? I've already contacted ctd and they refuse to sell it without the mag and everywhere else I see it also cones with the mag. Thanks in advance
  10. I love getting the run around...

    When i originally got my LTC-A target and hunting i was told by the LO that if i had no incidents i could come back after a year or two to lift the restrictions. Also I have a buddy who is friends with the chiefs son (who also works at the station) and he told my buddy all you have to do is make...
  11. Any suggestions with this issue?

    So I installed an apex dcaek kit and the new design trigger itself into my buddies full size m&p .40 and I'm having an issue. Everything worked fine when I tested each step individually and when it was all back together, until I put the rear roll pin back in that's where the problem is. You pull...
  12. Finally went green

    As the title says after occasionally reading through this forum the past year and a half I decided to go green due to all the recent occasions its a good cause... Also plan on supporting other 2a groups for all the things they do day to day to keep our 2a rights going.
  13. Local gun shops

    So I'm from the New Bedford area and looking for different shops that actually carry stripped ar lowers considering I can't just order one online without dealing with ffl charges and such. I've talked to the few I know of and they all deal with stag and list for 130-140 price range and most have...
  14. Proper ffl procedure?

    I'm in a situation where I'm looking to trade my mass handgun for a rhode island long gun. I'm not sure what the exact proper procedure is to do this any ideas? Thank you in advance guys
  15. Stand your ground

    stand your ground also hold your ground to refuse to do what someone else wants While others urged him to try to rescue the peace process, he's been insisting he'll stand his ground. Etymology: based on the literal meaning of stand your ground (to refuse to move back during a fight) I'm...
  16. Glock or m&p?

    So I have this constant debate with a buddy of mine that claims all day that glocks are the best guns on the market and always tells me that my m&p is junk. So I'd like to ask you guys your personal preference from anyone who has owned and or shot both. I have an m&p9c and he has a glock 26 if...
  17. Where are the rifle guys

    So I have been looking into trying something different than handguns at the range. I am new to rifles and would like to get into shooting longer ranges seeing that I have a restricted class A I figured get some more use out of my license. I wanted to ask you guys for advice before asking someone...
  18. Anyone from new bedford?

    I'm curious to know if anyone on here is from new bedford and got an ALP LTC A? obviously except LEO whether you got it rite away or started with the sporting or target & hunting and how you went about getting the restrictions lifted.
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