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  1. WTB P320 X5 slide

    Looking for a P320 X5 slide, can be standard or legion. No optic, just factory X5 sights.
  2. Sig grip weight

    Do anyone know of aftermarket sig X-frame grip weights? I cannot in good conscience pay $50 for a 1.6 oz piece of metal.
  3. Romeo1 to something else mounting plate adapter?

    Has anyone seen a Romeo1 to DPP, or vortex, etc adapter plate? I have a P320 RX slide, with romeo1, circa 2017. This is a regular series slide, not X, or legion, or pro, or VTAC, or SUPER_$$$ edition........ Anyway, the romeo1 apparently has a proprietary mount, and I want to use something...
  4. WTB/WTT bullseye powder

    Want to buy or trade for bullseye powder. I have Silhouette, True Blue, autocomp. Southern NH, metrowest MA
  5. Silhouette or True Blue for 9mm 115gr coated

    Anyone loaded 9mm 115gr with silhouette or true blue? I am looking to load a 115gr RN coated bullet (Ibejiheads) with one or both of these. These would be for action pistol shooting (IDPA/USPSA), minor PF (125). I know silhouette used to be Winchester Action Pistol, but I did a search on...
  6. MODS please DELETE

    MODS please delete, keeping this for now
  7. MODS DELETE WTS RCBS sonic cleaner and solutions

    Mods please delete: WTS/WTT RCBS Sonic cleaner. $75. Southern NH. Can be persuaded to ship, but prefer local pick up. Can meet you in Nashua, or somewhere nearby. Comes with bottle of brass cleaning solution and bottle of parts cleaning solution. I never ended up using this thing.
  8. What would have happened, and listen to your press!

    So the other day I forgot EC’s lesson about if the press suddenly responds differently, something went wrong, and I loaded some 380 super auto. What is 380 super auto? I loaded a 147FMJ on top of 4.0GR power pistol, 1.160”, in a .380 ACP case. (Actually, I did this 6 times). Each time, I...
  9. Sideplate screw 686-6

    Anyone know the size, thread and opicth of a SW 686-6 side plate screw? I would rather just go down to Ace if I can, rather than wait for one to be shipped.
  10. 9mm Power factor w/ 115gr, 4” barrel

    While chronoing my new loads the other day, I brought my 4” 320 to see how they did in that vs a 5.25” barrel. I basically figured out that I cannot make PF (1087fps) with a 4” barrel without going at or near max load. This would be for CCP* division in IDPA, so I would need to make PF...
  11. Powder questions; BE-86, and a TB replacement?

    Anyone ever use BE-86? I bought it during one of the 379 powder shortages that have occurred since 2012. How does it compare to Bullseye or Power Pistol? Is it more or less flashy, smoky, etc? I load for IDPA/USPSA, usually 4.3bullseye or 5.1 PP over a 115FMJ, or ~3.2bullseye over a 147...
  12. WTS/WTT 1911 holster

    I have a blade-tech kydex holster for a 1911 full size. Used it in IDPA once. $25. Merrimack, NH. Will ship.
  13. SOLD-DELETE SigP320 Grip modules

    ALL SOLD, MODLS DELETE ! I have a Subcompact-S Sig P320 grip module. $15Merrimack, NH. Will ship
  14. Replacement stock, Mossberg 500 20GA

    Helo all, looking for a replacement stock for my Mossberg 500 20 GA. The LOP is too long, especially if I've got on more than a sweatshirt. I looked at Boyd’s, but the LOP is basically the same I looked at Hougue, but the LOP is either 14” or 12”, i.e too long or too short. I am leaning...
  15. My chrono is useless, any ideas

    Hello, my shooting alpha crony is giving me issues. 1) The speeds it gives are always ~35-70fps less than the “official” chronology at major matches, I measure 900, at the match I’m 940 for a 147 9mm, and I think I'm 1125-1135, and I am up at 1200 for 115. 2) Yesterday it told me blazer brass...
  16. Hornady lead bullet replacement?

    Hello, I presently use the Hornady #12458 255 grain Lead FP over 5gr of trail boss in a 45 colt application. The application is a 1858 Remington BP replica with a 45 colt conversion cylinder. I am looking to replace these bullets with the blue bullets 250gr RNFP (0.451 dia) bullet. Its 250...
  17. What would happen? Nothing? Kaboom? End of humanity?

    So i was working the 650 last night, and noticed that the powder charge in one case looked higher than all the others. So I pulled it out and weighed it, and there was 3.1 of bullseye, but also some cleaning media. I have no idea how cleaning media could have been in the case, since I inspect...
  18. Threaded barrel on CX4 Storm, violates 922?

    I was interested in getting a threaded barrel CX4 storm, or getting one threaded, ( I love the gun, leave it at that) but I was reading on the internet that doing so would cause it to run afoul of the 922 restrictions, since it is an imported gun. However, I thought that 922 only applies to 2...
  19. 45 colt w/ 777?

    Anyone load 45 colt with triple 7? I have a whole bunch of T7 I use in my 1858 BP revolver, and wanted to try BP cartridges (I have a 45 colt conversion cylinder, rated for smokeless cowboy loads). I got some load data from Hodgdon, but wanted to get some more info: What primers do you use...
  20. Low flash powder for 9mm

    So I am looking for a load for 9mm that has lower flash* than what I presently shoot**. I am thinking low powder charge with a fast powder would be the best way to accomplish that, such as titegroup with a 147. Has anyone used a similar burn rate powder (like IMR target, Alliant Sport...
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