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  1. dupe delete please - Best Firearm Clean, Lube and Protect test

    How many gigabytes of data are taken on this site with fights about "what lube is best" . Here is some interesting tests and data. For the TLDR crowd, Break Free CLP did very well and Frog Lube not so much and yes he pronounces Hoppe's as "Hops"
  2. Why Martin Luther King Couldn't Get a Carry Permit Make a liberals head explode with the truth ... After his home was bombed in 1956, Martin Luther King Jr. applied for a permit to carry a gun. Despite the potentially deadly threats that King faced as a leader of...
  3. NRA gets something right - new outreach ad

    Well the NRA has taken a well deserved beating on this forum over the past couple of years. I did the Life installment plan back in my not so much money days of the 90's and upgraded to Patron during the Obama dynasty. I've been pissed at "dry clean my suit" Wayne for the past couple of years...
  4. ATF Proposed Rule Change for Frames and Receivers

    Please watch the 3 minute video from Mark Serbu. Give your comments against the rule change at the link below: From Mark: This is IMPORTANT STUFF! Please enter a comment in the Federal Register by 8/19/21...
  5. Help ID a Spam Can of 9mm? 800 rounds of Wolf Steel?

    Can someone help ID this spam can I found while digging around. I purchased it Dec of 2012. I think it is 800 rounds of boxed Wolf Steel 9mm but don't want to open it to make sure. Once I figure out what it is, it is going to the classifieds.
  6. WTS sold

    Sold in 15 mins
  7. IMI .223 Cal brass and 62gn bullets

    Simply the best: Israel Military Industries .223, 5.56 reloading components 1000 pieces of IMI .223 (5.56) brass 3000 pieces of 62 gn IMI projectiles These are components, not loaded ammo. Sold as a lot $600 cash Norfolk MA area, Face to Face sale only and must have MA FID/LTC. I have a great...
  8. WTT 1 lb Titegroup for H110

    Want To Trade 1 unopened bottle of Titegroup purchased 2/2017 for H110. Norfolk area, will drive half way. I have a great rating and don't screw around.
  9. 1873 Trapdoor - price/value opinions needed

    @majspud A friend of mine is an executor of an estate containing an 1873 Trapdoor Springfield. Could the collective brain trust offer their opinions on what a fair wholesale or retail price would be? Don't know the condition of the bore and obviously would need a gunsmith check/clean/inspect...
  10. Virtual Firearms instruction in MA, just got and email from MSP

    I am a licensed Firearm Instructor in MA and just received this email: BFS virtual training has been approved. If you wish to instruct virtually you will need to send an email to me requesting to be approved to provide virtual BFS training. In your email you must include your name, address...
  11. SOLD Sold Delete

    Gone, gone gone
  12. Boston Globe and "Ghost Guns"

    You can take a look without reading at: The Boston Globe You may have still have your free article for the month or whatever they do. I found a browser on my computer with a free one left. The article is just the "Same Sh!t, Different Day". The Glob has been beating their chest about GUNS since...
  13. 28 % o Democrat’s say it should be illegal to be in the NRA

    Rasmussen poll: 28 percent of Democrats say it should be illegal to belong to NRA Did I just fall down the rabbit hole?
  14. Anvil: Make it work! - YouTube channel

    I found this YouTube channel and fascinated by Mark Novak the gunsmith. He knows his craft, cold, and has lots of clever comments. There are like 60 shows from rebuilding an Mark III Enfield, repairing a broken stock, checkering a stock, restoring a 1911. Take a look: This is the first episode:
  15. Delete - mistake

    Delete brain fart
  16. NYC’s deer sterilization boss is making the big bucks Another government program run amok, how do I get this $300K/yr job? They’re bagging big bucks in Staten Island – and some deer, too. The wildlife ecologist running Mayor de Blasio’s deer-vasectomy project...
  17. “At 11:02 he went and bought a gun. Was out of the store by 11:30 and he was dead by 3 or 3:30.”

    Parents of suicide victim push for gun waiting period in son's obituary | Left the house at 11, jumped in front of the 11:30 train to Boston, was dead by 11:35 Left the house at 11, drove to the top of the parking garage by 11:30 and jumped off, was dead by 11:35 Add you favorite...
  18. Refinishing AR Mag bodies - Perma-Silk G

    I'm helping my nephew refinish a batch of Pre-94 AR mag bodies before using rebuild kits. I've always sprayed them with Perma-Slik G Solid Film Lubricant, Air Drying, from Engineered Coatings Solutions of Peachtree City GA Here is a picture of my last can, almost gone. Can someone point me to...
  19. ACLU Sticks Up for the NRA?!

    From one of my favorite websites ACLU Sticks Up for the NRA?! The official view of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) remains that the Second Amendment protects a "collective right rather than an individual right." But the organization nevertheless is helping the National...
  20. Crimson Trace laser grips - stopped working after 9 years

    I've had a Crimson Trace laser grip for my SW 642 for about 10 years that I paid about $250, they are marked MAR 20009 manufacture. The laser was fast and easy to use, I really liked them. I took the gun out of the safe this weekend and the laser didn't work, I figured it was batteries, so I...
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