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  2. Proposed 40-foot ham radio antenna tower causing static in Marblehead

    Classic NIMBY rich people problems! With all the trees in the neighborhood you would never even notice it.
  3. Hurricane JOAQUIN at Category 4 and Heading towards New England possibly on Tue

    Never to late (or early) to stock up on supplies.
  4. rape whistle for coyote defense

    wha da fug? Newton neighbors concerned about coyotes so expert Q&A Seems very misleading. In the context of protecting your animals, there are surely situations that are justified in shooting a coyote even if you're not...
  5. MA Application Q: Reason for requesting LTC?

    On page 3 of the MA LTC Application it asks, "Reason(s) for requesting the issuance of a card or license:" This question is on the application to address the following requirement in Massachusetts Law (MGL Ch 140, Sect 131(d)) emphasis added: Answering this question with the simple phrase...
  6. Claiming a road kill fox pelt in Mass?

    Walking the dog today I saw a dead fox that had been hit by a car. It was still relatively intact. It probably got hit but ran off and keeled over. So I was wondering, what are the procedures for claiming a road kill fox for its pelt in Mass? I know with deer the local PDs sometimes have a...
  7. Just one bird reported killed in Utah’s first crow hunt

    Not eating crow
  8. Ebola related supplies?

    anything in particular for Ebola or just the usual bug in / out stuff? gloves masks bleach and???
  9. Here comes Arthur - Ayyyyyy

    Warning issued for Northern Franklin County and other parts for high winds and hail. am I the only one that thinks of the Fonz when I hear Arthur is coming?
  10. On the topic of registration...

    The recent proposed revisions to the Mass gun registration process (and the gun owner map of Connecticut) reminded me of this exhibit in the Dutch Resistance Museum. The exhibit description: And the resulting map of Jewish residences (hand drawn of course, the resolution may not do it justice...
  11. 300,000 West Virginians Told Not to Drink Water After Coal Chemical Spill, 600+ Sick

    apply this scenario to your prep plans and if you're on private well water then please post and gloat
  12. News Article, "Guns in parks. … It’s complicated"

    Interesting article from a news feed I get by email. The article starts off with a somewhat anti 2A tone but manages to redeem itself.
  13. How Glock became America's gun

    Further proof that mainstream media knows nothing about firearms. Here's the play by play: cops used to carry firearms desgined in the 1800s known as revolvers now cops carry automatic glocks invented in the 80s because criminals have them and they can unleash a rain of bullets unlike any...
  14. The South is rising again: Gun Bill in Missouri Would Test Limits in Nullifying U.S.

    "Could make criminals out of the law enforcement officers." OMG! I wonder what that's like--one day you're toting a gun legally and the next you're an enemy of the sate [rolleyes]
  15. Federal security: Glocks with crippled mags

    I'm in and out of various building in Boston and some of the Federal buildings recently changed their security contractor. These contractors are all civilians and not active law enforcement. They used to carry the Security Six like the armored guy but under the new contract are now carrying...
  16. Classic Massachusetts catch and release Willie-Horton style justice system

    $50K Cash Bail Holds Alleged Gun-Wielding Robber - Police & Fire - Marlborough, MA Patch Prosecute the criminals; don't persecute the legal gun owners
  17. NBC Nightly News on 3D Gun Printer

    Just saw the teaser for the NBC nightly news on now and they have a segment coming up on making firearms at home with a 3D printer. need to get a drink for this...
  18. AR Major Malfunction

    not mine, a friend's free state, legit setup: Polymer lower [grin] One point sling [hmmm] Pistol upper [thinking] Big ass can [sad] ka-bang. no one hurt. "always wear your safety glasses," he says
  19. Quincy officers placed on administrative leave for expired gun permits

    instant classic I thought they had a word for people like this: felons
  20. Special Prep for the potential snow storm?

    Anyone making last minute preps for the predicted snow storm? I think I'm ready but will: - Fill up car with gas - Stock up on fresh food - Put some wax on the shovel (keep the snow from sticking!) anything else?
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