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  1. Springfield LTC renewal

    So I moved from East Longmeadow to Springfield and my unrestricted LTC is expiring soon. Anyone here have any recent experience on applying in Springfield? I get the feeling they might downgrade my license
  2. Deer Down, Any local butchers?

    Got a good deer today -I'm probably going to skin it tonight, but to be honest I wasn't really expecting to get one so I'm not 100% set up for processing. It can wait at least till tom., supposed to be cold tonight. But, does anyone know any decent local butchers ( East Longmeadow/ Springfield...
  3. Youtuber "Sootch" had his home robbed Feel bad for him, and honestly, perps like that should be shot if they're breaking in. MA needs better castle doctrine laws.
  4. M&P 15-22 Slidefire Shooting Tracers Cool enough to share. I want that rig.
  5. Wax slugs, waxers, glazers? Why aren't companies making them?

    These rounds seem devastating, they achieve everything one wants for self-defense and energy transfer, like hollow points. Or just blasting stuff, and they'd be cheap to produce. These could be the cat's meow for home defense. How they work Shotgun Wax Slugs'...
  6. Zombie World. Sensible Article on Bloomberg?

    When the Zombies Attack, You?ll Need Your Gun - Bloomberg Btw, I don't like the zombie fad. But yeah, our gov. is messed up and I want my guns thankyou.
  7. "Don't try an' take my guns away" -Country Probably learn more from this song than you would in the indoctrination camps... Er, public school.
  8. Ground Squirrel Pesting

    With high power airgun. [smile] This slow-mo clip is the cool one but I don't think he's allowing the embed feature on it. edit- I fixed the top link
  9. Mini Gunsmithing Frustration Rant

    Have you ever dug into a gunsmithing job you thought you could handle that turns into an unmitigated disaster? I spent over four hours last night trying to install an MCARBO action spring kit for my Marlin model 60. Holy [email protected]! I've installed hammer springs on other guns, changed minor parts...
  10. Big Shooterist from Maine, Clearly one of our Best

    Lets give 'em hell Saturday. A great video showing that the same things are true today as they ever were.
  11. Schiff talks gun control with Nugent

    Keep the guns firmly in your hands, baby! (Had some problems with link)
  12. Well Thought Piece that Dispels Most Anti Arguments

    Well thought out, and also long winded.[shocked] Have to cover all the anti nonsense. I'll admit, I didn't read it all, but can tell it's the kind of writing that will sway opinions. From someone who has done everything and seen everything with guns. (His words.)...
  13. American Guns TV show cancelled Saw it on Drudge. Article claims it was shelved before the CT incident, which I sort of believe. Haven't seen it on in a while. Hope they don't start cancelling everything, gun shows were starting to become common. I...
  14. B.O.'s fake cry in CT shooting speech

    Anyone else seen this? I never watch anything Obama does, but others have reported his fake crocodile tears. He's probably beaming on the inside that his socialist movement has the board set to bring in new gun control laws. I honestly can't imagine that they will be successful. There will be...
  15. This nutria hunting video is a hoot!

    $5 bucks a rat, not bad. "Real kick in the butt, get drunk, shoot some rats, make money!"[rolleyes] [laugh]
  16. Quick Critter Hunt

    Went into the woods Saturday for a little while, good small game time as most things are in season -squirrel, rabbit, grouse, foxes, coyotes... I knew as soon as I started walking in midday that my timing was right, could hear leaves being kicked up by squirrels all over and barking. Got in far...
  17. Swamp People Ammo

    I didn't find it, saw a thread on another forum [laugh] Oh man, I hope these become widely available. CCI mini mag hollow points in bulk! First Z Max (which I admit to buying,) now this. [thumbsup]
  18. S&W posted a good day today

    They were up 20.5% today. When I saw that, I thought they must have came out with a new killer gun, but just a good quarter and the Obama put I guess.
  19. Live Barstool Discussion at 9:00 ton.

    Doc Wesson and Mark Vanderburg of the Gun Rights Radio Network will be on at 9. Check it out, maybe grab a brewski. [wink]
  20. Tune in to Doc Wesson's live Gun Nation broadcast and chat

    Well, go here and do just that. I'll be here for a little while. [wink] Log in as a guest. [grin]
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