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  1. Playboy Playmate Tied Up And Robbed In Her Hollywood Home

    Are playboy playmates still a thing?
  2. Breaking Bad spinoffs ?

    I just watched el camino. I thought it was good. Better call Saul was pretty good, not as good as Breaking bad
  3. Lake Shore Limited + Vermonter

    My daughter took the bus from Burlington Vt. to Boston last weekend for $80 round trip 6 hours each way. I'm not sure if that connects through Springfield but yeah the train was more expensive and something like an 11 hour trip
  4. Friggin Mice

    I made one of these, it worked great.
  5. Car Headache

    My wifes Toyota sienna passenger side one has tripped twice. there is a plug under the seat that gets beat up , especially in the winter. Twice I have unplugged it, cleaned the plug up and that has solved it
  6. Please join me in a Toast tonight....

    Rest in peace
  7. the life of parent with a teen daughter

    I'm pretty much in the same situation, My daughter didn't make the varsity soccer team and all of her closest friends did. Now she feels devastated and left out. She's getting better as time goes on. I'm trying to make suggestions for a replacement activity to both take her mind off of it and...
  8. Who else loves Acoustic Guitars?

    I'm not a guitar player but if any of you guys are ever in NYC you should check my brother in laws guitar shop RetroFret Vintage Guitars
  9. Poll Foster's Daily Democrat

    Still at 90%
  10. Mueller testimony

    Here is the clip View:
  11. Survival Deals

    The limit was two. I got them right before the deal expired. Thanks!
  12. Wood Shed Door

    Best bet would be tongue and groove but butted tight should be ok. If the wood is wet it will shrink. If it's dry paint or seal it to prevent expansion
  13. RMV Fail: 546 license suspensions, more to come

    I took my daughter to the registry for her permit test last Friday. After waiting in line to get in the door and then two hours waiting for her number to be called they announced the computers were down. They would be down indefinitely so they couldn't process anything license related...
  14. Recommend me a decent pancake air compressor

    I'm a carpenter and for small projects with nail guns I've been using a small hot dog compressor. Lightweight and portable. Makita makes a nice one but there are plenty for less money that would be fine for what you're doing. The oil less ones are louder than the ones with oil but oil free weigh...
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