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  1. Anyone Turn On Heat Yet?

    Fehhk yah. When I was a kid my folks would keep the heat at some ungodly low level, we could see our breath in the house. I swore that when I grew up, no matter the cost, I would never be cold in my own home.
  2. Facebook purge

    3 time FB jail veteran here. I try to slip stuff by their bots using cover accounts by inverting photos and the like. My last response to someone's post was "Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella...
  3. WTS HAMS: Kenwood desk mic and MFJ switch

    Location : Springfield MA Description : Doing some cleaning and came across a couple items from my ham days way back when. So up for sale is the following - Kenwood MC-80 omni desk mic w/ preamp. MFJ-1272B TNC/Mic switch. Is packet still even a thing? No idea. Selling Terms : Cash is king...
  4. The war that we should be fighting

    I wonder if we have more undocumented Mexicans in USA now than we had undocumented Germans in WW2. Millions of potential insurgents at large in our homeland while we bomb their homes into the stone age may be an unwanted twist to this grand plan. The cartels can - and will - fund some pretty...
  5. Terminator: Dark Fate

    Woke movies are like socialism, it will never work but idiots keep pumping it out thinking that everyone else got it wrong and THIS time will be different.
  6. No Chinese Silencers

    Thread drift correction...
  7. SPAM phone calls

    This. I got a Google Voice number that connects to my cell. Didn't cost anything, got to pick what area code and exchange and now whenever I get a call from the GV area code I know it's a scam. Plus I only give my real cell # to those I know and if I get too many junk calls on GV I can dump it...
  8. MA to ban balloons?

    If they want our balloons they're going to have to take them from us... Knots first.
  9. Crossing Guard gets guns seized.

    So let me get this straight... SRO leaves the school grounds to go get coffee for however long it takes to go get coffee, because Lord knows there's nowhere to find coffee at a school. Like a teachers lounge or break room. Veteran crossing guard muses that this lapse in security would be a...
  10. Cash only Rant *Updated*

    We have a growing number of the population that can't read or write cursive, can't tell time on an analog clock and most certainly can't count change. Couple that with a compulsive need for instant gratification and even Helen Keller can see that credit cards aren't going anywhere.
  11. Anybody buy a Brownells Retro Replica?

    Get one of the first 3 and Maura can't say that they are duplicates of the Colt...
  12. Will AR’s be legal when Healy leaves office?

    She'll become governor and then all these "opinions" she has rammed down our throats will actually be codified into law. So right now they're the most legal they're going to be for a long, long time.
  13. Wiper blades

    I've tried the fancy ones, the Costco ones, the ones at the auto parts store and now I just get a few packs of cheap ones from Amazon once in a while. Funny thing is they all seem to last the same amount of time.
  14. Blazer Brass 9mm Failures to feed

    Resurrecting an old thread - hit the range couple days ago with a case of Blazer brass 115gr and a factory G19 gen 4. Twice had a projectile fall out of the case when it was chambered, for whatever reason the pistol didn't fire (not even a dimple on the primer) for those two rounds. We were...
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