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  1. MA considering a gas tax hike to ease congestion

    Stagger start/stop work times.

    Yeh ... another BAN
  3. Grubs?

    In my area (Northern MA) … Turkeys are notorious for ripping up lawns and eating ticks.
  4. My First Born child has passed away.....

    Wow... Thanks for sharing.
  5. Prayers needed

    Prayers sent
  6. Massachusetts Firearm Storage Initiative

    Looks like they will form a another paid commitee to enforce this BS
  7. I know you can't ship lower receivers to Ma

    Hi to Witch Maura!
  8. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  9. Pellet stove cost to run ?

    My son's house in Derry NH had costly electric baseboard heat. So when I turned 70 I gave him my Russo #2 wood stove and he save @ 40%. Then I bought myself a Harmon pellet stove. (the Russo #2 wood stove threw more heat) I think you'll still save but the price of wood and pellets has gone up...
  10. Pats vs Chargers. Guess the score, win ammo

    21-7 Pats
  11. SME Bullseye Camera Systems AmmoCam Sight-In Edition 300 Yard Targe...

    Anyone own one of these and are they worth the cost? Several places are offering them for $199 now.
  12. Dillon question

    How are you driving the rear of the pail?
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