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  1. Firearm Restoration

    Any restoration shops you guys can recommend in MA? I'm looking for some work on the stock and potentially metal refinishing.
  2. Skeet/Trap Beginner

    Any recommendations for where I could learn to shoot skeet/trap? I'm also currently looking into clubs and I'm not sure if it's best to go through the club and/or a place that offers formal training. I'm in Boston and willing to travel. Any guidance would be very helpful....I'm at the...
  3. 22LR Pistol Competition

    Any clubs and/or competitions for 22LR Pistol? I'm willing to travel, but prefer MA or southern NH.
  4. Outdoor Rifle + Pistol

    Any recommendations for ranges within a 30min - 1hr drive from Boston? Money is a little on the tight side right now so in addition to private clubs, I'm also looking at public ranges and/or those that charge low daily fees.
  5. Paracord Rifle Sling - Vet Made - Thoughts?

    I've never owned one of these before but I came across this earlier today. I like the concept of paracord and I love the idea of helping a wounded vet...I'd rather spend my hard earned money on this than some crap from another country that won't last. Aside from supporting a veteran's...
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