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  1. If you had to choose..

    Glock for the hi cap mags as has been mentioned. I paid just under 500 for my 23 a few years ago without doing any shopping for a better price. I thnk you can still get them in the 5's all day.
  2. Ammo recall

    I am so glad that I shoot that evil Fotay. They never would recall it because it is bad even when it is good. [wink]
  3. KY - Store Owner Shoots Would-Be Robber 6 Times

    Yeah is is funny to hear it in the video when he says it. I first thought it was just a blip in the video so maybe he had said a glock 9 millimeter and it lost that piece of audio but then when I read the article it is a quote that it is just a millimeter gun. I think that is about the same...
  4. KY - Store Owner Shoots Would-Be Robber 6 Times

    The store manager said it was "a glock milimeter gun". Oh no Glocks are really misbehaving these days. I think I better have a good talking to mine. And it is the nasty Fotay. Good shooting by the owner.
  5. Can someone explain this to me ?

    Or if you realy want to make yourself ill drive to Cabellas and look at the size of the display cases they (CT) get to choose from. All shiny and new. Sorry VT, ME and NH folks I am sure you have your big shops too. I know I just torture myself at Cabellas when I bring my daughter back...
  6. Am I reading this right?

    A FOX Reporter..... They do make sense more often than most.
  7. Can someone explain this to me ?

    And most FFL's will not transfer it. But this list does not impact buying any guns from another instater in a face to face transaction. You will sometimes hear people saying a particular handgun is illegal to own in MA. This largely is not the case (if it is alrready in MA) it is just not...
  8. New Keltec KSG 12 Gauge bullpup pump gun (14+1)

    Being able to go back and forth between tubes gives you some ammo flexibilty. It is chambered for 2 3/4 but you can single load 3 inch one at a time with the tube selector set in the middle.
  9. New Keltec KSG 12 Gauge bullpup pump gun (14+1)

    It comes standard with a front rail for the fore grip and a top rail for sights.. In fact the front rail would probably tear your hands apart with out the foregrip. MSRP $880.
  10. A day at the beach~

    [sad]Even at 2:30 in the morning it still makes you want to be sick. Why oh why did I look at this. I know I will have nightmares now.
  11. Idaho Pianist Loses Hand In Potato Gun Explosion

    Black powder + Potato Gun = Pipe Bomb
  12. FL - Jogger Shoots, Kills Assailant

    And why did the other kid hide the hoodie he was wearing? Maybe there was another firearm that is hidden now too.
  13. CT Man busted in NJ for carrying gun

    The thing that sucks for this guy is if he had done to the full serve he would have had someone pump the gas and been on his way even with the CC. But you have to know the rules if your going to take your firearm with you on a road trip.
  14. Armed Giffords hero nearly shot wrong man.

    I wish these idiot sheep had a special label or article of clothing to wear so they could easily be identified as folk not to waste your time, ammo or possible litigation protecting should they ever find themselves in a situation with an armed assailant and obviously unable to help themselves.
  15. Police Shoot, Kill Man During Warrant Search

    No this is an example of a Negligent Discharge only.

    "Where am I hitting" "I don't know, go ahead" Ahh your hitting somewhere a mile down the road over the berm, whatever, go ahead. [rolleyes] What were they trying to show there. That was just odd.
  17. Am I alone on this?

    For sure a nice stack of 30 rounders packs a lot of punch in a pretty tight space.
  18. Am I alone on this?

    The best part about keeping all the magazines topped off is then you have more room for boxes of ammo. I had a case of 223 that i was struggling to get in the safe then realized I had put away my mags empty after my last blasting session. Spent a half an hour jamming mags and ammo storage...
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