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  1. Memorial Day 2021

    How many remember these bracelets
  2. OK you all have talked about it so much, even I want to see yours !

    Got rid of my old 36 to my son for this LCR won't look back,love this trigger
  3. If you had to leave Mass and move north...

    Don't move to Maine, libtards and Bostonians have brought there ways to our GREAT state.Open season on Mass and NY plates next
  4. Yahoo comments disabled

    Yahoo can't stand the truth.!
  5. Maine DGU

    The way life should be North of portland
  6. Smith & Wesson bodyguard. 380

    Never had a problem with mine.I own a P238 and a Second generation LCP the BG.380 is my EDC.
  7. ammo shortage??

    Went to crapellas today,all out of hand gun ammo.Looks like the gov is up to the old obummer tricks.
  8. If you had to choose one of these four 9 mm's, which would it be and why?

    I got rid of a g19 for a SD9VE never looked back til I shot a 365
  9. Advice: Potentially Moving to the Northern Territories

    Southern Maine has already turned into mAss and they control the vote.
  10. Classic Swamp Yankee Guns

    Savage model 99 in a .300 Savage was king in Maine.
  11. Best EDC pocket pistol?

    S&W BG380or a LCP
  12. new year's day

    Burnt up last years SD Ammo and a box of range ammo each,then cleaned all ready for the new year
  13. new year's day

  14. Maine House Rejects "Stand Your Ground" Bill

    Republicans in Maine have too get off there lazy azzes and vote these libtards out of office!!!!!
  15. Firearm prohibition activist tells Maine legislators to enact more firearm laws

    Oh ya screw miss Hogg.He wasn't a survivor..
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