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  1. Any gunsmiths in MA that can convert 92FS backstrap into INOX style?

    Do you mean vertec style? If so send it to Josh at Allegheny in PA. It’ll get done right.
  2. First HK acquired: HK 45 compact

    I hit up @Dean Safety 2 weeks ago and picked one up myself. Eventually I will swap to night sights but otherwise it feels damn near perfect. 10 rd elephant foot mags are unobtainable right now. I found some online but they were $70ea. Gunmagwarehouse has 8 rders in stock for $43.
  3. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    My last order had 250 rounds of Blazer 124g
  4. Springfield Police & Hampden County Sheriff’s Department to Offer Gun Buy-Back.

    Not sure I agree with this one. Everyone in the department knew Nick was not Ashes first choice as successor.
  5. Springfield MA area meetup ON 9/10/21 AT Hampden House discussion inside

    I’m bored bumpage. Get a sitter. Duct tape the wife. Whatever ya gotta do to get your ass out fri 👍
  6. Which HK in MA

    Had a vp9 but the trigger had a noticeable click that I could not get rid of so sold it. Too bad I was so hung up on it cuz it was like a freaken laser beam. Currently looking for a 45 or preferably 45c. I actually regret selling my usp 40.
  7. C&R Thread

    I’ve had mine for a few years and have yet to make a purchase. Either I thought price didn’t match condition, F***ers wouldn’t ship to Mass or funds weren’t right at the time. Always on the look out for something that catches the eye. ATF has yet to want an audit. Itd be one of the quickest...
  8. Springfield MA area meetup ON 9/10/21 AT Hampden House discussion inside

    I can use a good night out with some good(?) dudes. Operation gtfo of the house has been green lit by the wife. M&P 9 full size righty.
  9. Springfield MA area meetup ON 9/10/21 AT Hampden House discussion inside

    Regretfully I’ll have to make the next meet up.
  10. Bushmaster Firearms Announces their Official Return to the Industry: ACR to return

    My first AR was a windham Bushmaster. My preban is as well. I’m glad to see their return.
  11. Generally Underwhelmed By Red Dot Sights

    It took a lot of getting used to for me. I started with a Vortex Viper on my MP9 and ran it for a season of 3 gun. It definitely grew on me once I was done fishing for the dot. Now I have a rmr on my Glock 19 carry gun. I’ve never felt at a loss or disadvantage shooting irons out to 20/25 yards...
  12. Selling this and staying legal

    Damnit Rep… oh shit … the AFT will create a rule for it soon. Then change said rule to determine it illegal.
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