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  1. How to fix light primer strikes on BG380?

    As the title says, while shooting my bodyguard (non laser) this weekend I started getting light primer strikes. 4-7. Question is how to fix it without sending it to smith, seeing as every article I read people send them back 2-3 times and they're still not fixed. Maybe a combo of Galloway parts...
  2. Small pistol primers?

    I bought a lee 1000 press last week with all the goodies. I got it all setup only problem is I can't find small pistol primers. I know they're next to impossible to find right now but does anyone know of a shop that might have some In stock? I've called many different shops but no dice. Help?
  3. What handgun will shoot a 22 short

    Just wondering what handguns will shoot 22 shorts. I just got my class A last week, went to FS and got my self a nice halloween present PPK/S .380 I am just looking for something that I can plink around the house with.
  4. Where to find ppk pistol grips?

    I am looking for white ppk pistol grips heres the problem. I found them on but their 295.00$[crying] I mean come onnn the gun almost cost that much, are there any other place's that you guys know of that would sell white pistol grips?
  5. Where to get a ppk blue central mass

    I am looking for a new walther ppk in blue I'm from Worcester/central mass I'm just wondering where would b a good place to get one. I have had dealers tell me you can't get a new PPk in blue is this true or is it the ppk/s that you cant get in blue?
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