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  1. Sub base NL

    Cops shot two naval officers while apprehending a man with a knife. In sure they'll receive awards.
  2. CT Reppin

    Didn't see this on a quick search. Thought I'd share. No surprises?
  3. Just joined IDPA

    What now? I've been looking for classifiers in the area, but I think the first one is in April. Anybody know if there are other ones?
  4. Australia

    I've been down under for two weeks and have been noticing something...despite the fact guns are nearly banned, there seems to be a shooting somewhere in the country that they show on the news here. I know we don't really hear about that back in the states, but just wanted to point it out. In...
  5. Just Renewed

    Just renewed my license for the first time. The online process was pretty slick. Took about a week to get my new license. Now to start getting back on the air.
  6. Gun broker order

    I won five glock 17 mags from a guy in GA. Got shipped to me in CT by way of Springfield. Does that mean that the post office broke the law by bringing the mags into MA? Just curious... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 2
  7. Congressman's Response to my Letter

    Like many of you, I have taken to writing my representatives and so on. I actually received a response from Rep. Joe Courtney (CT), and I thought I would share his response: Dear Ted, Thank you for contacting me regarding gun legislation in light of the tragic shootings in Newtown...
  8. Pro 2A Blog

    Just thought I'd share a blog with pro 2A sentiments: you can also follow the blog on twitter: @MrLaozi
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