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  1. SCAR. Why?

    Me too,
  2. Piston Driven AR-15s

  3. BBQ Colt Commander

  4. MP5 Clone Malfunction

    Agree. I would explain your problem with Greg at gfa. He’s an HK wizard
  5. HK45 or 1911

    TRP for a 1911 Usp for a polymer .45
  6. Hammerli Tac R1 vs. S&W 15-22

    If, you wanted to start off with an ar-15 that’s .22lr then I would keep much of the controls the same, when your ready to buy a center fire ar-15. I use the bolt release on a center fire ar-15. I would buy myself a 15-22 for keeping my training the same.
  7. Well I bought another HK.

    I have problem with the trench on vp9’s but not the p30. I believe the p30 trench is shorter or shallow compared to the vp9 trench. If you get a vp9 b, it does not have the trench at all but you lose the traditional Hk mag release.
  8. Hammerli Tac R1 vs. S&W 15-22

    15-22 The R1 and the umarex has a non functional bolt release, you have to use the charging handle. That’s a no go for me
  9. Well I bought another HK.

    I love HK, just stopped by gfa in natick the other day and Greg had his personal g36 auto displayed on the rack. I couldn’t stop drooling. Love them or hate them, they’ve made some cool stuff.
  10. Well I bought another HK.

    You mean it holds 18 staples. The German staple gun. When I saw one for the first time at a lgs back in the day I wanted it. I asked the employee if I could see it. I tried out the trigger and it was no bueno. I still should of bought it just for Hk history. The store had it on consignment...
  11. G43X or P365/P365XL?

    I’m a Glock whore and don’t care for sig polymer (P226 fan). I sold off the 43x & 43 for the 365xl. The grip is a bit thinner than the 43x but I added a hogue grip and makes a night and day difference. I still have the 48 which is great but still haven’t carried it since the sig. I use a...
  12. 10mm in MA

    I remember seeing a Springfield trp 10mm at sportmans den in quincy
  13. Well I bought another HK.

    same, I would of added to the collection but the grip sucks
  14. Sig Legion Series 1911??

    Probably because the pvd finish sucks, and the way the frame placed while they set it up for the pvd finish. People were having similar pvd problems throughout the whole frame This was a brand new legion when they first came out. I sold it and bought a mk25 and installed an srt
  15. Sig Legion Series 1911??

    No worries cams. I think we have more in common than not.
  16. Sig Legion Series 1911??

    Good question. I just caught wind of it on softball forum that a leo bought himself one.
  17. Sig Legion Series 1911??

    Never know with sig. I think they got rid most of their p models and left their legion models up for sale I could see them getting rid of some or most 1911 models and sticking a legion in there.
  18. Sig Legion Series 1911??

    It is weird that sig hasn’t come out with a 1911 legion, they exploit everything else. Sig has a legion p226 in black nitron but I think it’s only for law enforcement I wouldn’t mind having a legion 1911
  19. Custom Beretta 92

    That trigger bar upgrade is worth it, if you like a short reset. It makes the sig srt reset feel a mile long compared to the beretta, lol
  20. Custom Beretta 92

    Just by the quality control my fde had maching marks around the face of the firing pin channel, machining marks throughout the slide, paint caked up in some spots. My black one is just perfect, great that I found a g model on top of that
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