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  1. WTS Pre-ban Colt SP1 AR-15

    Possibly the last bump. Message me with questions/offers.
  2. WTS Pre-ban Colt SP1 AR-15

  3. WTS Pre-ban Colt SP1 AR-15

    Offers will be entertained.
  4. WTS Pre-ban Colt SP1 AR-15

    Still available.
  5. WTS Pre-ban Colt SP1 AR-15

    Btt. $2,700 for rifle
  6. New: The Rare Breed Triggers FRT-15 Forced Reset AR-15 Trigger (now a MG?)

    I just don't care what the government has to say any more... it is all a bunch of overreach BS. If you own one, I wouldn't worry about it. Just like with the bump stocks, no one is going to turn them in. They are Fing with us on purpose, they want trouble, its not a conspiracy theory when its...
  7. WTS Pre-ban Colt SP1 AR-15

    Btt with price(s) updates.
  8. WTS Pre-ban Colt SP1 AR-15

  9. WTS Please Delete

    Please delete.
  10. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    Bingo, yeah I don't care how long it takes. Just want them to come out nice. I've done a few, but still am in no rush. Especially after I tried to chew off some extra with a pass and snapped all the teeth off my bit. I bought some chemicals to put a finish on the inside finished product. First...
  11. WTS Pre-ban Colt SP1 AR-15

    Btt, price lowered.
  12. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    How do you mill it out with that time of equipment, do you have to make measurements and adjust how far it mills on the x, y, and z axis? I see what you're saying, I paid the same and the jig is only useful for making AR lowers. I just didn't feel I'd use such a machine for anything else...
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