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  1. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    I have couple of their epsilons. You may want to try Aero’s cage device.
  2. AR-10 Lower Question(s)

    @Daddy Mac I think normally Armalites run about $300. Today, if it were in front of me I’d pay the 5. Just know if you’re getting an A or B model as the mags and upper receivers are different.
  3. Glock 19 gen 3 build

    The only thing that has any difficulty with regard installing slide parts is the striker channel liner. It gets pressed in and is easy to deform. Easy to do if care is taken but is just as easy to f up. Just something to keep in mind if going the build route. Also, you don’t have to fear frames...
  4. Polymer80 build

    I ended picking frame components up piecemeal through MidwayUSA. I have a slide kit but nothing to put them in.
  5. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    D&H makes a mag specifically stamped 458 socom and has their “big bore” follower that centers the round. I have their 50 beowulf mag It’s a standard 30rd AR mag body that holds 10 big boy rounds.
  6. When you prefer S&W M&P grips, but have pre-ban Glock mags

    Very nice setup. I’ve been wanting to try a nomad frame for a while.
  7. Mak90 barrel needs threading

    Carolina shooters has the tools you’d need in a kit to do by hand for a fair price.
  8. AR-10 Lower Question(s)

    Here’s a pic of my two 10 lowers. The top is an Armalite AR-10b (m14 pattern mags) and the lower is from our Matrix group buy (pmag). You can see the obvious differences at the magwell. All the parts are interchangeable between the two lowers except for the bolt catch. The uppers are NOT...
  9. AR9 beating the shit out of itself

    Mine did the same. The retainer pin was so beat up and bent that it ate up the face of the buffer. The burs it created would make the buffer stick in the tube. It’s usually two things. Either the carrier is too short or the hole for the retainer was drilled incorrectly. There’s a couple fixes...
  10. Aero Precision - not in MA

    I bought a complete Aero upper from Brownells last fall. My midlength upper came with a carbine gas tube installed. Knowing fully my location Aero offered to make it right. They could send me the correct tube or I could send them the entire upper for repair. I opted for sending me the tube. I...
  11. Building AR's In MA ?

    ^ holy necro post rant.
  12. glock reciever build

    E-fa10 as “registration.” Fill in the necessary model info and source some ridiculously priced pre-bans for it. Don’t have to reg. it until it is a complete firearm.
  13. Faxon VS Ballistic Advantage?

    I’ve been happy with faxon. Setup a buddys .308 with an 18” and my 5.56 with a 14.5” with a pinned lantac dragon. I was originally looking at BA for myself but found faxon was having a “sale.”
  14. Annodizing

    Fwiw I'm going to be sending a pistol to these guys prices are very reasonable. Saw a lot of their work on a Berettaforum.
  15. Annodizing

    It's stainless. Scuff that $hit and give it the krylon touch. $6 fix, bank not broke [smile]
  16. Matrix Woes

    I've finally gotten around to finishing my Matrix 7.62 from last years GB. During a function check I noticed the bcg isn't going into full battery. Upon pulling the trigger the bcg moves roughly 1/4" forward. Also if I cycle the bcg while still compressing the trigger (to simulate live fire) the...
  17. AR9 Build

    I run a standard carbine spring and buffer in my Lonewolf. A few thousand rounds without issue.
  18. AR 10 Barrel question (Armalite vs DPMS)

    My understanding is you can mismatch the barrels but the bolt MUST match the barrel used. Armalite/ Armalite, dpms/ dpms. Out of preference I used an Armalite barrel with my Armalite receivers. The handguard must match the receiver brand/ type due to the differences in rail heights (Armalite...
  19. .308 AR isn't accurate enough. Barrel swap?

    I'd check the headspace and barrel nut torque. I am a fan a Rainier barrels. I've set up 2 18" 5.56 rigs with them and had great results. I plan on using them for my 7.62 build. It seems Dpms barrels can be hit or miss.
  20. Glock 17 New Build

    Id look in classifieds for complete top ends. Arfcom's EE usually has glock take offs for less than a Lonewolf or other aftermarket. Was going to pick up a 17 complete top half for $285. Only reason I passed was I got a crazy deal on a lonewolf 34 top half.
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