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  1. Mossberg mvp patrol rifle.

    awesome guys. thanks for the advice. im gonna be looking into savage now lol. i just would figure i'd come here cause everyone has helped me with all of my decisions thus far gun related. on to savage which one should i be looking into?
  2. Mossberg mvp patrol rifle.

    Just want some input on this rifle. I've been long at this rifle for some time now and it's a toss up between this and the Remington 700 tactical. I've been on youtube and watched videos and stuff on it. I would like to get a 308 version of this rifle. If anyone has any hands on time with this...
  3. Shield vs glock help

    hahaha. that is great. a good friend of mine is a instructor there so i already have a membership there, plus i have a membership in mansfield. both great places.
  4. Shield vs glock help

    Hmmm. Ok. It's def got my wheels turning about this gun. Again guys thanks for the great advice. Anytime I need help I come here and it helps huge. I fellow officer had a shield I'm gonna shoot that soon and go to MFS and rent a glock and shoot that to see if I like it. As for my hand size I...
  5. Shield vs glock help

    Thank you for all of the input guys. I greatly appreciate it. For the LE questions, yes I am. All my buddies love there glocks which I do to. I just don't know what to do that's why I put it here.
  6. Shield vs glock help

    Ok lads I need some help again on a weapon of choice. Here is my jam. I originally wanted a glock 23 either a gen 3 or 4 it didn't matter to me. But after doing a little research I started looking at the shield and the glock 43. I know the 43 is a 9, as I currently own a full size m&p 9. This...
  7. Company who ports and stipples

    Well the title says it all. I wasn't positive on what thread to put this in here. If it's wrong please move. I am looking for a company who can stipple and port a pistol of mine. I basically want something like agency arms or salient work but I would like to try and keep it local. If any ting I...
  8. Peltor sport tac 100 vs howard leight sport help!!!!

    So I ordered the Howards today. They will be in on monday. I cannot wait to break them in for my weapons qualification. Thank you guys for the helpful advice. It def helped me choose which ones to go with.
  9. Peltor sport tac 100 vs howard leight sport help!!!!

    Howard leights are currently 40 bucks on amazon
  10. Peltor sport tac 100 vs howard leight sport help!!!!

    You guys are great with all the help. Thank you very much. This is why I came hear before buying anything. Once I get one of these I will let you know. Right now I'm leaning towards peltor.
  11. Peltor sport tac 100 vs howard leight sport help!!!!

    Ok cool. Thanks guys. Ya I've been on amazon and actually have both on my list to buy. I just didn't know which ones to go with.
  12. Peltor sport tac 100 vs howard leight sport help!!!!

    Ok boys and girls. I'm shopping for new hearing protection. It just so happen I'm stuck between these two as you can tell by the title and I don't know which ones to buy. Being in Law enforcement I want something that's good but doesn't break the bank. ( I'm just cheap ). I wanna know if anyone...
  13. Duty flashlight choices

    Lmao. Thank you. [smile]
  14. Duty flashlight choices

    You guys are awesome with all the input definitely appreciate all the helpful advice u all have given me
  15. Duty flashlight choices

    What do you guys thinks of the nitecore p12 ??.
  16. Duty flashlight choices

    awesome guys thank you for the advice. i definitely have open ears for all this stuff. also should i get a nylon holster or a poly (plastic) one. i would imagine that probably depends on which light i get right?.
  17. Duty flashlight choices

    Hello guys I am getting ready to start the police academy in a few weeks and I was told I need to get a flashlight for training. I've been looking around for a while now and I still don't know what to get. I was looking at olight streamlight and a few others. I just want some input on what to...
  18. Wouxun UV-6D Question
  19. antenna help!!

    ok I will look into it, I have been looking at diamond, and pryme. would a 15" help me out or no cause I have a boston repeater in my radio and can barely pick it up just static. I also have a local repeater here in Attleboro and Wrentham programmed in and they are fairly quiet. I just wasn't...
  20. antenna help!!

    I need some help for picking out an antenna for a yaesu FT-60r. I've heard of a few good names out there but I really don't want to attach anything to the vehicles. I would much rather keep it a portable. I just don't know which one to chose that is good for multi band. right now im just running...
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