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  1. Having some fun with a new select fire rifle. *updated*

    It was a very nice Sunday. More coming Wednesday! *Update*
  2. Glock 42 vs Kahr PM9

    I can do more comparisons of other small pocket pistols upon request.
  3. Middle School shooting in Nevada
  4. Starbucks Response Video

    A response to Starbucks' 'No Guns' policy (VIDEO) Sorry if Dupe, but I did not see it.
  5. PTR leaving CT

    I just saw their Facebook announcement that they are leaving CT. I am on the iPhone so I can't post a link, I will when I get home. If true this is great news from another good company.
  6. Worthwhile Gun Foundations

    Sorry to interrupt the mass onslaught of "Ban" threads. I was wondering of there are any other (federal) gun organizations that are worthwhile to donate to? I currently donate to: - NRA (this may change come tomorrow) - SAF - GOA Any info would be great. There is a fight coming and I do not...
  7. AR Lower Question

    With all this talk about a possible new federal AWB (I personally do not think it will happen again), I have a question on my AR lower I just purchased. According to MA, this is a post ban lower, since it was made in 2012. 1. I assume, once I leave MA, this lower will just be considered your...
  8. Barrel finish removal

    Ok, I need some help here. I am trying to polish my FNX barrel (and remove the black finish they put on it). I have done this countless times with Glocks, Rugers, and S&Ws. However, nothing seems to be working with the FNX finish. I am not sure what they use, but it is very durable. Hell...
  9. LTC Numbers

    Quick question, does the letter at the end of the LTC number correspond to the Class of LTC? I have only had a Class A and I have only seen Class As and all that I have seen had an "A" at the end. I just do not know if Class Bs and FID (C) have a different letter at the end, of if the letter...
  10. Glock 26 Question

    I have a question on a Glock 26 I just bought for my wife. It comes with 10 round mags standard. Can I legally in MA add a +2 grip extension to it? I realize that the answer is most likely no, as is everything in MA, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks for any replies.
  11. FNX Front Sight Removal

    So I got my new FNX-9 and I ordered the Ameriglo fiber front sight. I go to put it on today and I am unable to get the factory front sight out. I have a sight tool which wouldn't budge it. I then tried the hammer and punch method with no luck. I swear FNH used red loctite on this thing. I...
  12. My new toys this week

    The bad lighting does no justice to these. The wife surprised me with the HK and had is shipped to one of my FFLs.
  13. Glock 19 & FNP-9 + Blazer ammo =

    = Constant barrage of aluminum to the forehead! So today I decide to take out my (new to me) Glock 19 Gen4 and FNP-9, that I recently purchased from some great NES members, to the range. Both guns were barely used by their previous owners (100 rounds or less) so they were still being broken...
  14. Ruger SR9 Magazine Disconnect

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I have been reading some forums regarding the Ruger SR9 magazine disconnect removal process. It seems very easy to do, and I have been weighing the pros and cons (that I have read). I would like some poeple's opinions here regarding this decision. What I read thus...
  15. Large Caliber Ammo

    Quick question, is owning "live" large caliber ammo legal? (20mm and above) I own quite a few dummy shells, but wanted to expand my collection to live ammo, if it is legal. And if by chance it is legal, does anyone know of any sources for such ammo?
  16. LLC related NFA Questions

    I checked the Q&A for the answers to these questions but I did not find them. I am opening a LLC in Michigan (I own a house there and will be moving there in the next few years to start a FFL dealership). I am also getting a Federal Tax # for the LLC as well. I choose to use MI due to the...
  17. Silly Hi-cap magazine questions (MA)

    Sorry for the 'may seem silly' questions here, but I looked everywhere and did not find an answer (including the very nice Q&A). I am aware that owning a post ban hi-cap magazine is illegal in this great state. But is it still illegal if you do not own (possess) the gun it belongs to? Is it the...
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