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  1. Deals and steals

    I assume that's providing there are no stairs up to the doorway. Frank
  2. Security system that can detect concealed weapons??

    Big deal...the technology has been around for at least a half century! ;) Frank
  3. New Car Feedback

    I rented a VW Atlas for a week a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it was just "ok". FYI, Toyota has a brand new, totally re-designed Highlander coming in 2020. If I were in the market for a three row SUV, though, I'd probably be seriously looking at the Mazda CX9, which is, in my opinion...
  4. Guitar Thread? Guitar Thread

    I bought one of these for my son, and he loves it, FWIW: BOSS - KATANA-AIR | Guitar Amplifier Frank
  5. New Tool Purchase help needed...

    I beg to differ! My Milwaukee tools definitely don't suck! Frank
  6. Sig365 or Springfield hellcat?

    I have a MA 365 as well and love it. I've put around 1000 rounds through it so far without a single hiccup. If I lived in a free state, I'd probably have the XL and SAS by now, but will have to wait to see if either make it to MA or not. But we may end up moving before that happens, so I hope...
  7. New Acquisitions October 2019

    How silly of me! I just remembered that I did buy something else this month! Probably because it hasn't been delivered yet, it totally slipped my mind. But I got a call today that it's being delivered on Monday, so that jogged my memory. It's a new Zanotti modular gun safe, although it's...
  8. New Acquisitions October 2019

    Pants. I got pants. That's all I got this month. :( Frank
  9. Man Shoots Suspect In The Groin After He Attacked Him And Kidnapped His Granddaughter

    I realize the "suspect" is a big target, but it takes a lot of balls...and amazing accuracy to shoot a guy in the groin with a shotgun while he's dragging your granddaughter away. Frank
  10. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    And Gordon looks done for the night.
  11. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    And it's tied.
  12. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    Wow, the Pats are looking terrible!
  13. Springfield Hellcat

    Ah, ok, thanks for the clarification. Frank
  14. Springfield Hellcat

    Where are you seeing 1.45 in? The specs I'm reading say 1 in. Frank
  15. Sheriff: Parents called Hillsborough deputies after finding 24 pipe bombs in daughter's room

    Here's a screenshot of the weapons that were confiscated. Note the pretty orange tips on the muzzle end of these weapons. Frank
  16. 1.4 million more Americans than last year have concealed carry permits

    I wonder if they actually mean 1.4 million additional individuals with permits, versus 1.4 million additional permits? Case in point...I now have four times as many permits as I did just a year ago, since I've gotten a few out of state permits that I didn't have before. So am I now counted...
  17. Pelosi announces formal Trump impeachment inquiry

    Someone should invent a morning after pill. Just in case. Frank
  18. Looking for pistol bag like this:

    This one opens all the way:
  19. Looking for pistol bag like this:

    This one might have all the things you're looking for: Frank
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