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  1. Are War Movies Taboo Now?

    I remember back in the days where on Veteran's Day or Memorial Day many channels would run old war movies and you could watch to your heart's content. This past Veteran's Day there was only TCM running movies and no other network or subscription channels were running them. Was pretty...
  2. Wife's emotional affair?

    Nope. Once the trust is broken it’s near impossible to get it back. If you stay get ready to be wondering about it all the time. She’s on the internet, she goes out, the phone rings etc you’ll always be wondering. Hard way to live. Know from experience.

    I wouldn't say it's a knee jerk reaction as Asia has whole heartily embraced this reputation. I've traveled extensively through Asia with multiple visits to Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc and one constant is their "Leisure" industry. One just needs to visit Pattaya...
  4. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    I'm OK with the loss. Yeah it was ugly, but I'd rather not see them have the pressure of trying to go undefeated. That was killing them back when they played the Giants. Get a loss under your belt and then build from that. The O Line is what is really killing them now. Hopefully they...
  5. Seeing a therapist?

    Don’t listen to the naysayers. You’re mental health is the most important thing and making the decision to see someone is hard to make. I had bad anxiety issues after a slew of medical issues. Seeing a shrink and some meds cleared it up. It’s not going to go away without some help. Seek...
  6. Lori Laughlin

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m a sadist but I thoroughly enjoy seeing the rich and famous crash and burn. Especially these lefties.
  7. 2019 / 2020 Skiing & Boarding Thread

    The A Basin in Colorado is open with 2 trails. They are usually the first. Just booked my trip for Breckenridge in January and getting my EPIC pass shortly. Can't wait. Going to be a good season this year. Think I need to upgrade my skis this year. I'm partial to Volkl and their 2020...
  8. I've Been Nominated to Run for the NRA Board

    Congrats on the nomination. I'll vote for you but I'm very happy to hear that your participation in GOAL will not be impacted. We sure need you to help keep up the fight here at home.
  9. Littleton Residents - We need your help!!! - FFL Attack underway

    So they are coming to inspect now. Who knows what they will be "inspecting" and will they make up stuff as they go. Unless they are going to provide guidelines as to what they are inspecting they can make up whatever they want to force people out of business. Oh, you're too close to the...
  10. NES down on Monday?

    Here we go NES, here we go (clap clap!)
  11. NES down on Monday?

    Monday catastrophe in 3, 2, 1.....
  12. The MA Gun Dealer Legal Fund

    Sent and Membership
  13. Dick’s CEO Ed Stack Tests Third-Party Presidential Run

    Anything that cuts into the Dem's voters is a good thing. I'm also hoping that Tom Steyer runs as an independent if he doesn't get the Dem's nomination. That would kill any chance of them winning the Pres.
  14. 1st purchase dealer or ftf?

    The EFA-10 for for FTF transactions is pretty simple. If it was me I'd do the FTF as it will be a good learning experience for the both of you.
  15. Luxury vs. non luxury car brands, quality any better?

    In the same boat. I've always wanted an Escalade, but for less of a price I could get a GMC Yukon Denali or go even lower and get a Chevy Tahoe. I've driven all three and the only real difference seems to be the body panels. Otherwise the technology is basically the same.
  16. Official UFO thread

    The aliens don't come here because the human race is a bunch of arrogant a**h***s that would just shoot at them or try to capture them for "study" as soon as they landed. This would cause a galactic incident and earth would have to be vaporized. Hence why they don't come here yet. Maybe...
  17. Happy Birthday US Navy

    Happy B Day USN! Knots? More like humping tie down chain! Naval Aviation.
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