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  1. Pheasant season eve

    I wasn't aware they posted that and find it very strange as well. I saw another male pheasant today scrambling across the road and into the field at the corner of Middle and JB Little Rd. in West Newbury. I have lived in the area 20 years and have never seen two pheasants in that area on the...
  2. Pheasant season eve

    Haven't been out in a couple of years. But was coming down Bare Hill Rd into Groveland yesterday and this beautiful fat male was standing on the side of the road brazen as you please. Of course he was on the wrong side and not in the WMA across the road, lol. Had me regretting not buying a...
  3. Any Spider experts here?

    Here are two shots of one that built a giant web on the side of my house several years ago.
  4. Match Shot Gardner Under New Ownership

    That pistol is a beauty, nice find!
  5. Buying a Car in VT to Register in MA

    I shot an email to the dealer I am talking to in CT. He confirmed to me that I would not pay CT state taxes when purchasing a car from his dealership in CT if I am going to register the car in Mass. Mass law states that if you trade in your vehicle while buying another car out of state, you...
  6. Buying a Car in VT to Register in MA

    I was looking into this recently as I may be buying a car in CT from a dealer. Everything I have read says that you only pay sales tax on the vehicle in the state you register the vehicle in. This RI Subaru dealer faq page seems to support this. Buying a Car Out-of-State | Info | Balise Subaru...
  7. Just got my dream job.

    My kids have fond memories of going there every year since they were little with my parents. My mom took us there as kids and wanted to take my kids there every summer as part of a day trip so she did. I would hear about Wolfman yelling at them every year when they got home. Two of them are...
  8. TV shows that ddin't age well

    Greatest American Hero
  9. Dangit - Jury Duty!

    I have only been called a handful of times. One or twice I called the night before and didn't have to go the next day. Once went to Lowell and sat all day reading a book, was dismissed at like 3pm. The closest I have gotten to be empaneled was for a rape case in Cambridge court. They brought...
  10. Recommendations Wanted For SUV(s)

    We own a 2011 Buick Enclave which, at the time, was the same platform as the Chevy Traverse/GMC Acadia. I think the Traverse/Acadia might be a little smaller than the Enclave now after a recent change in platform from GM but not sure. My cousin bought the GMC Acadia a year or two after we did...
  11. New 2019 Yaesu FT3DR

    Saw that video, looks pretty sweet.
  12. Rats at the police station, dirty L.A. streets the city that’s lost control

    The actor that played the crying Indian was Italian-American.
  13. Even when you know it’s coming, it’s still hard.......

    My condolences to you and your family and prayers for your mother.
  14. Ed Fongs Antennas

    I read about these a little while back, have been thinking of getting one.
  15. Exeter, NH Police, school officials sound alarms over 'Assassin' squirt gun game

    I do, but how about this one. This must be what the cops are afraid of.... Tag: The Assassination Game (1982) - IMDB
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