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  1. College sports recruiting for HS student

    Great story for your son chrbla2000. 24th Nationally is a very high honor! I feel your first step will to be to have a real frank talk with her coaches. They will have had experience in this endeavor. If they are honest about the level required to get a scholarship, that is a good step...
  2. WTK good gun shop/FFL in SW Vermont

    Gun Supply of Vermont - 90 RT30, Bondville, Vermont 1/4 mile from the main Stratton Mountain entrance. Stewart will hook you up. He has a facebook presence and will respond quickly to questions there. Lots of nice goodies.
  3. Buying a house, need some advice

    Congratulations on your first house. Ours was in Maynard as well. We were down from the Rod an Gun Club off of Waltham street. It was a great little town with the movie theater, Outdoor Store and restaurants. The power grid that DEC put in was rock solid. We never were down for any time...
  4. Are electric wood splitters any good?

    I have this Ryobi - View: Real similar to the one you list. I have had it for more that 15 years and burn a few cords a year. It is totally worth it. I have no issues with up to around 14" maple, oak, birch etc.. No hickory. Just too stringy to...
  5. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    A pair out for a walk in Vt.
  6. Bear Spray - Greater Boston

    I got it at Cabela's after seeing The Revenant. Dang Western bears are scary things. You never know when one has hitched out East looking for munchies.
  7. Vermont: Post July 1st Non-Residents Can't Have Mags Over 10 Rds Long Gun 15 Rds Hand Gun

    The issue is bringing in and out of the state. My understand is that non-residents and residents alike are allowed to have high capacity magazines as long as they were in the state prior to 4/11/18 or purchased by 10/1/18 from a dealer who had them in state prior to 4/11/18.
  8. Tractor Shopping Opinions?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I am more in the popping rocks and breaking up tough soil thing. This will be going on a small Massey Ferguson 23 hp 1710 with 48" bucket so the comments about the low HP ring true. I have to say, having a tractor is really the cats balls. So many things that...
  9. Tractor Shopping Opinions?

    How is the Piranha Toothbar for just digging and not clearing? I'd mainly be interested in being able to gouge earth with my bucket and not have to soften it up with the back hoe first. Have looked at this instead.
  10. Stihl Chainsaw dealers

    This is a true statement.
  11. Having to login again?

    Me as well today.
  12. M&P 380 Shield EZ...Anyone have?/had?/shot?/carried? etc? (Wife needs "easy rack" LOL)

    I purchased one of these 9's and it is easy to rack. Has flush, pinky lip and extended mags as well. SA/DA. Nice little carry piece, but it is a bit snappy in the hand compared to heavier pieces of course.
  13. Paint sprayer recommendation

    Bought a little brother last summer and stained the whole house. Worked like a champ. Cleaning is key and the extension rod for longer reach. I would also recommend a longer hose as mentioned above. We did the gallons into the 5 gallon bucket and it worked great. Also don't forget the Graco...
  14. Captured on my home surveillance system...

    For a 6-8 camera system, you will need more than one base module. They only do up to 5 cameras each. Mix and match in and outdoor on a base. Another advantage of multiple base modules is that you can set up more than one wireless network at your desired location using multiple routers. Keep...
  15. Humera...thoughts?

    If you have had TB or around anyone who has had it is the issue there. Not that it causes it. What it does do is eat your wallet and lower your bodies natural immune system fighting capability. I have a friend that was pretty much a couch potato because if he he got to doing anything...
  16. Surveillance camera review

    Battery life depends on factors like how often it gets tripped or how often you use it to just take a look at the weather or living room. They do last at least a year and I look at them frequently. Trigger time is about 5 seconds. Someone running past is not going to show up. Like a trail...
  17. Surveillance camera review

    Blink ++. Wireless means wireless and many say wireless, but require power. Not really wireless. Battery life is up to two years. Indoor and outdoor camera options. Blink has up to a 60 second record and 10 second retrigger time minimum. Blink does audio, but in Ma. you need to turn that...
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