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  1. Range gear recommendations please.

    Another fan of the Husky tool bag; bought the 18 in wide open and the bag's interior pockets are perfect for holding magazines, boxes of ammo and firearms in soft cases. I usually take 5 pistols/revolvers to the range it that bag, w/ammo, and it doesnt sag at all. Plus, there is nothing...
  2. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    Give it time....
  3. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    Ran through the Carnival Row on Amz, it was really enjoyable and I look forward to its return. Then watched Chappelle’s Sticks & Stones, plus the after show scenes were pretty good as well. Finally, watched the two seasons of “The Frankenstein Chronicles” starring Sean Bean. It was good...
  4. Wireless Security Camera Suggestions

    I have been using the Blink since last Nov (BLack Friday deal) Rock solid, we have four that cover the entire property, including one mounted on the back fence about 23 ft from the house.
  5. A new Sig P365 variant

    Same...shot my firend's P365 and while I loved that the Sig was a touch smaller and lighter, I did manage to hit the mag release while firing the gun. That was an unpleasant surprise partway through a magazine. I still prefer my Walther PPS (Classic or M1) and its paddle magazine release...
  6. Laptop computer advice please

    For light duty surfing; why not go for a Chromebook, like the Asus C523 which has a 15.5" screen? Asus Chromebook C523
  7. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    Watched the first 5 episodes of Mindhunter S2 last night...really good series and I love how there is a deep background plotline that gets teased every once and a while..just to remind you that it is there
  8. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Not really funny...but my first thought was “dammit! They are going to destroy this Dan Wesson!” Suspect in Custody and Loaded Revolver Recovered During Investigation in Dorchester —
  9. My house got broken into today. (What security system do you guys use?)

    You know what the *right* answer is...if you are in with the drug-zombies, prostitutes and gang bangers - by choice - then accept that you can keep nothing in the apt that you arent comfortable with losing to a crackhead once you leave the building There is always a choice; you may pay more to...
  10. white supremacists Responsible for ALL Race-based Domestic Terrorism Incidents in 2018

    The picture & name on the list, Brandon Ziobrowski, rang a bell -> Cambridge moonbat who wanted to kill ICE agents Cambridge man pleads not guilty in Twitter threat vs. ICE agents – Boston Herald Not exactly a "white supremacist"...this list appears to have been compiled by idiots
  11. Gun nut in fatigues films himself walking into Walmart carrying an assault rifle

    There is nothing to prove, my post was written as opinion and still stands on its own merits that we have learned that he is married - I direct the jury to find him "guilty" of attempted suicide by police. I will only overturn the directed verdict should pictures of his wife...
  12. McConnell suggests Senate could look at assault weapons ban, background checks

    Dan Crenshaw was live streaming on "Louder with Crowder" last night and talked about the Red-Flag legislation. The problematic parts of this (getting swatted, lack of due process, recovery of personal property, legal costs) were all discussed. Dan noted that while he isnt necessarily in favor...
  13. Gun nut in fatigues films himself walking into Walmart carrying an assault rifle

    Sounds like someone was looking to leave behind a "suicide-by-police" settlement for his family. Each one of these questionable decisions taken individually (wearing BDUs, body armor and open carry of an AR) may have raised concern and a possible police interaction, but wouldnt have necessarily...
  14. Two arrested at Massachusetts Gun Range

    Taking the story as reported; good collar, bad hombres As for all the "what if" scenarios and speculation that the smell of the wildwood flower may have been used as a pretense to initiate police investigation...well, that is what the courts are for
  15. Porch Pirate Update post 123

    I have had them since last Nov (Black Friday) and think that they are great. I have 4 and they cover all points of egress to the house, the backyard camera is on a fence post pointing to the house (25 ft away) and covers the entire structure Even caught a trash panda diving into the barrels...
  16. How bad is Mattapan

    Mattapan will be the last of Boston's neighborhoods to be gentrified...if ever. The money is currently pushing outwards from the center of the city, which is why Savin Hill, Fields Corner, Upman's Corner and Fort Hill Roxbury are hot real estate spots now Folks saw how Southie went through the...
  17. New York police slam videos showing officers pelted with objects, drenched with water

    For all the folks that complain about police brutality.....that level of restraint was something that very few people could muster De-escalation, stoicism and the power of ignore....
  18. Schlocky but memorable movies that should have been awful but somehow aren't

    The Last Starfighter [edit] Sweet weeping Jesus: 80s Fans Take Note: ‘The Last Starfighter ‘ Sequel is Happening! 80s Fans Take Note: 'The Last Starfighter ' Sequel is Happening!
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