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  1. The KA-BAR Story...

    Just ordered this Ka-Bar today. I have not bought a knife in a while and fell in love with this one. Got to feed the feeling every once in a while! I'll keep it in the trunk for a SHTF back up if for nothing else.
  2. Gransfors Bruk

    Could have been the proverbial Friday build if you know what that means. Happens in a lot of manufacturing companies when the quality takes a nose dive after a hard Thursday night (thirsty Thursday) of partying...
  3. Bozo won't be down for any more jokes....

    What're you joking???
  4. BJs ad on Facebook

    Many of the ad's these days would have you believing that 90% of couples are in an interracial relationship with biracial children. Anyone looking at these ad's objectively would most likely draw the same conclusion. I honestly wonder if the gov't mandates advertising that skews the actual...
  5. Trump’s budget, Army Corps work plan excludes funding for Cape Cod bridge replacement

    This^^^ Why help the enemy??? These idiots don’t realize how much they f—ked the people of this state because of their blinded political BS. The idiots who vote for these morons should remember this!
  6. Inclusiveness - too many white people here

    Can never understand how any one can make a statement like this: “Frankly there is just too many white people in here, and this is a space for people of color.” Since when is white not considered a color??? If you really want to get in the weeds, white people are more colorful than most other...
  7. Reading Selectman Intimidated By "Cops Driving Around Town With Guns"

    Typical liberal elitist with an "I'm better than you" attitude.
  8. Elizabeth Warren Drops Out of 2020 race

    Son of a bitch!
  9. Kristin fisher or Dana Perino ?

    Yeah, Dana's got that magic for sure!
  10. Wouldn't wish that on anyone?

    Well at least you're not bitter...
  11. S&W 3" revolvers

    I've got a 686+ 3" barrel and love it! The previous owner did a bunch of custom work on it including a trigger job that makes double action shooting sweet. Very accurate and handles .357 rounds well. It's a heavy gun to carry at about 2.5 lbs. (empty) but a decent holster makes it manageable...
  12. Oscars 2020

    The what???
  13. Vote Jim Wallace for NRA Board

  14. New EZ Shield in 9MM

    Looking forward to a range report.
  15. Elizabeth Warren Made Millions Off Companies Seeking To Evade Laws She Wrote

    You’ll never hear a word of this in the MSM!
  16. What to bring back from England

    Nothing worth bringing back....
  17. More than a dozen Massachusetts State Police troopers to face potential forfeiture of pension in overtime scandal

    You can add politicians and a few other miscreants to that long list of shitbags who steal taxpayer money!
  18. Scissor Fight : Shiri Spear vs Kelly Ann Cicalese

    That sweater with the side ways buttons is sexy as hell - really accentuates her stunning figure!
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