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  1. Neighborly dispute ends with seizure of guns

    I hope the Westfield police feel like they made a difference today...
  2. Firearm found at Restaurant in West Side

    Saw this today in Westfield News. A Westfield man left a "automatic" pistol at a restaurant where he ate. I'm not sure of the full details, but I don’t know how someone could forget this. Mistakes can happen I guess. Hope the guy doesn’t get hung out to dry. I remember reading post on here...
  3. Effect new CT gun laws have on non-residents

    How do they plan on registering a magazine if there are no serial number or way to specifically identify it? I'd say sorry, lost all my mags.

    Ma is definitely going to try to "one up" the rest.
  5. M&P Shields in stock western Mass

    Too bad they are at Guns Inc...
  6. Magpul is Leaving Colorado (Bill Signed Into Law)

    The state of Colorado turned their backs on them.
  7. Having fun with my new AR's.....

    Nice, get 'em out to the range now.
  8. FUDD desttroys his AR-15 to save the children

    He must be off his meds. Don't think he'll pass those manditory background checks. Hope he didn't break a nail, swinging that hammer like a little girl.
  9. Wasr10 Lo-Cap to Hi-cap conversion.

    Plenty of videos on youtube. Some people trace a hi cap mag as a template. Dont cut too much...
  10. Possible Gun Buy back scheme in Springfield.

    Offload crappy guns? No thank you.
  11. Are any MA compliant S&W 9mm Shields getting into Mass?

    About a month and a half ago I walked into B&G Sporting in Westfield for some ammo. They had two shields just sitting in the display counter, a 9mm and the other in .40. I couldn’t pass on one so I picked the 9mm. The Shield .40 was gone the next time I went in. I’ve been in a few times since...
  12. Obama Gets His Gun

  13. Obama Gets His Gun

  14. Obama Gets His Gun

    I would like to hear his answers if someone called him out on what type of gun he was shooting. Wonder if he would know how many bullets are held in the clip. Skeet Skeet.
  15. since we will be felons in the near future. where can I get full auto?

    There is no Black Market anymore. Didn't your hear? With all these new guns laws on deck they decided to turn everything in...
  16. NY Senator Greg Ball Rips on the Senate Gun Control

    This is sad. Is this guy even a American?
  17. M1 Garand 4 Round Internal Box Magazine

    I’m curious of what the rest of the rifle looks like. I notice the checkering on the stock.
  18. Best gun shop in Springfield, MA area?

    As far as service I like Guns and Gear, but not all their prices are good.
  19. CT Gun shows cancelled

    Sorry, my bad.
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