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  1. JMB Baby 22 short revolver - Any info?

    I've scoured the web and found next to nothing. Anyone know anything about this little revolver? Marked "JMB" on frame under grips and "BABY" on top. Folding trigger. 1.75" barrel. Rumor has it that it's one of John Browning's first pistol designs. It was manufactured in the late 1800's. Any...
  2. Ghillie suit

    Be careful out there!
  3. On the "bright" side.......

    In a world of misery merchant media and mass hysteria at least we can look forward to more daylight hours in four days.
  4. Discovery cancels "American Guns"
  5. I guess everyone forgot that it's still deer season in CT

    Yes, there's going to be people out with shotguns and muzzle loaders.
  6. Mormonism

    I'm sure this thread will get locked up pretty quick yet it is presented here as a simple COMPARE AND CONTRAST, NOT a bashing. In light of the upcoming presidential elections, have any of you christians done any research into the religious views of the conservative candidate? I can't find much...
  7. "Idiot control, not gun control" shirts
  8. FU NJ

    Brodeur FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Make sure you know how to drive a Lamborghini before you buy one
  10. New Rush album & tour

    Playing in Boston 10/24. Anyone going?
  11. dupe

  12. dupe

  13. One's gotta go, just can't decide which

    Economy isn't what it used to be and need to let one go, just can't decide which: Colt Series 70 Gold Cup. Near perfect shape. One idiot mark. Low round count. Pretty much a safe queen. HK45. Again, like new. 100 rounds through her. Safe queen. $ value is about the same. Both tough to...
  14. Any chance of adding a spell check function to the board?

    Apparently no one has it on their computers.
  15. Elizabeth Taylor dies

    Heart failure. 79.
  16. Utah announces official state firearm

    The 1911:
  17. Murder/suicide & related gun shop fire in FL
  18. 200 rounds fired in Mexican drug turf war massacre A pre-dawn gun attack on a birthday party in the northern Mexican city of Torreon has left 17 people dead and 10 injured, police say. MEXICO'S DRUGS WAR Gunmen sprayed bullets at revellers after storming the party inside a walled...
  19. "Hyannis is dangerous"

    I've said before, I'll say it again.
  20. These guys will give border patrol groups a great rep

    [rolleyes] Sorry if this is a dupe. Didn't see anything.
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