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  1. WTS Ariens 926LE Snowblower - New Price $300

    For sale is my grandfathers Ariens 9hp 26 inch snowblower. He was recently put in a facility so he can't use it anymore and I was tasked to sell it. He has owned it since new and garaged it when not in use. He kept up on maintenance. It has a new adjustable carb on it and the belts looks good...
  2. Boat Storage

    Alright, how/where does everyone store their boats? I purchased a 20 ft Regal (25ft with trailer) this weekend and got the marina to take care of it this year but I don't think I want to fork out 1000 a year to store it if i don't have to. I have land for one of those shelter logic "buildings"...
  3. Need A New Wallet

    Right now I use a front pocket wallet made by coach. It holds and does everything great but the leather is about to tear after 8-10 years. I've looked at theirs and the quality has greatly decreased from my current one so I am exploring other options. It must be a front pocket and non folding...
  4. UFC PPV - Where to watch

    So I just read that DirecTV and UFC can't come to an agreement on pay per view money. I normally go to Buffalo Wild Wings in Burlington who apparently has DirecTV as a provider. Where does everyone else go to watch the PPV besides their house or a friends house? I prefer going out so there's a...
  5. WTS Federal Premium 12g Rifled Slugs

    For sale Federal Premium low recoil 2 3/4 rifled slugs. I for some reason purchased a bunch of these and haven't shot them much. 5 rounds per box and I'd like to sell 20 boxes. $5 per box, located in Billerica. PM me to set something up. Will follow all laws, you will need LTC.
  6. Anyone Sharpen?

    I have a sharp maker and can't get an edge on a knife to save my life. I follow the directions but it gets duller and duller. It's obviously me cause I've tried 2 knives and they consistently get worse.
  7. Benchmade Axis 300

    bass pro in hooksett has these for $77 right now. Couldn’t help but pick one up to join the others.
  8. WTS Cabelas 1-4x AR Scope

  9. Who Has A BOAT?

    Tell me about your boat. What do you like and what don't you like? What would you suggest to a new boat buyer? Wife and I are looking for a lake boat. 19-21 feet would fit the bill nicely. It will usually be just us but other will join sometimes. Would like to pull a tube and wakeboard (very...
  10. Anyone going to MFS sig event?

    Wondering if it’s worth the trip down. Is it just the extra stuff listed or are the guns on sale too? Maybe if someone goes Friday they could give us some pricing info? Or MFS could update us?
  11. Motorized Surfboard Group buy? This looks awesome. Yes expensive. Before anyone says I can buy a boat or jet ski for can't pick up a boat or jet ski and put it on the roof of your car and go to a lake/ocean.
  12. Who Files Their Own Taxes?

    So I think I'm going to be doing my own taxes this year. It's just me and my wife and we own a home, we don't have any defendants, we don't own a business, we haven't made large donations and we don't have anything to itemize. This should be an easy process to complete, right? Any insight? If...
  13. Folding Knives Opinions

    Aright I seem to have lost my Kershaw Leek and have substituted with cheap knives and they flat out suck. So I'm ready to step back up to a good knife after experiencing the differences first hand. I have been looking at Zero Tolerance and Benchmade. It's essentially going to be an EDC knife...
  14. WTS 99 Harley Davidson Night Train

    Selling my bike, just doesn't get used enough so may as well free up the space. Great shape, runs perfect low miles no BS. Here is a link to my craigslist ad with all the info. I'd trade for some firearms and cash
  15. Jet Ski/Waverunner/PWC

    Whatever your preference in name is I am looking for personal reviews of these crafts. Interested in buying one and have never owned one before. Specifically looking for 4 stroke models and 3 seats to limit restrictions on waterways. I'd say it will see some spirited riding but mostly just going...
  16. WTS Toro Powershift 8/28

    Spring pricing! Don't wait till next winter for a snowblower cause prices will be high. This is an 8hp Briggs and Stratton powered toro Powershift snowblower. New belts, new wheel bushings, carb rebuilt, transmission rebuilt, oil changed. This is a good to go machine that runs great and even has...
  17. WTS AR Parts

    A2 stock and buffer extension very lightly used - SOLD Standard pistol grip DPMS brand new taken from LPK $5 6" flash hider brand new, no brand markings $15 Located in Billerica can ship if needed for cost of shipping, open to trades.
  18. Advice on starting 223/556

    So I use a Lee Pro 1000 to do 45 auto and it does the job but is finicky. I do 308 with a lee classic loader (the one you use a hammer not a press) but that can't do volume. I'm looking to start 223/556 and was wondering what everyone suggests for a press. I don't know if I should go turret or...
  19. Friendly Reminder To Be Safe

    While reloading some 45 auto tonight I was using a technique I had read about in my reloading book. It states to kind of move a bunch of cases around in your hand and get used to the sound so when something isn't right you'll hear it. Well sure enough I heard something that didn't sound right...
  20. 308 Varget and 165gr Sierra Gameking

    Anyone use this combo? 165gr Sierra Gameking with Varget powder and federal primers? Shooting at paper out of a Remington 700p 26" 1/12 twist.
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