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  1. Finishing options - suggestions please

    I have a low value O/U shotty "in the white" - original owner stripped it for refinish - never finished it... I'm thinking Cerakote or similar just to protect the metal. I have a source for that. Anyone have a suggestion for a re-blue source? Thanks
  2. Jim Cantore or Shelby Scott?

    Jim = Thunder Snow Stud Shelby = Who? "drink" - fawking keyboard...
  3. WTB Automotive wheel refurb service

    I'm looking to get a set of aluminum wheels refurbed - I'm on the North Shore/SNH and looking for real experience with shops. Yes, budget is a thing but please give your advise and I will make my own decision. My closest shop is the one by the Rt1 Jug Handle in Peabody - looking for...
  4. Camera shop recommendations

    I've Got a New-to-me canon digital slr I'd like to get cleaned up I'm on the north shore and looking for a good shop that won't hose me. I've also got a Nikon buddy looking for the same so I guess it's a two part question Thanks for the help
  5. WTS FREE: Frigidaire 4.4 cu FREEZER/fridge - North Shore

    Free Frgidaire 4.4 cu ft fridge/FREEZER - I write it this way because it's been freezing everything and not "fridging" it. Located on the North Shore but can meet up if it's in my travel zone - next week is open. I also have a keg-o-rator that is not working at all - The compressor is...
  6. WTB Ruger MKII or MKIII OEM trigger parts

    I've got a MKIII that I bought used and suspect there has been some work done to it because the trigger is waaay to light for my liking - like "Tri"-BANG! I'm looking to get some unmolested OEM parts to put in it to try to get it back to OEM shape - I'd rather not have a mag disconnect if...
  7. critter cam reccommendations

    I'd like some recommendations for "Critter Cams" - we have a lot of tracks and a few paths that I would like to cover. I bought a Moultree for about $100 and didn't like it - lots of false trips and missed shots - maybe it was my settings. Day & night settings are needed - range and field...
  8. WTB Golf pin flag pole - 6'

    I'm looking for the flag pole used by golf course to mark the hole - I don't need the flag so I don't care if there's a number or logo or not. I'm on the North Shore but can motor down to Rt2 area or up to Salem NH, Portsmouth NH or anywhere I usually go. PM if you have one you can let go...
  9. Fantasy NASCAR 2017

    Will there be a league this year?
  10. Glock 17 - Gen Trigger options

    So like the title says, I'm looking for options on a G17 - Gen 1 trigger - the current unit is suspected to be an NYPD unit. The desire is to get a 5# +/- pull for all around normal usage such as personal/home defense. DIY and armorer installed options are welcomed. Thanks
  11. Recommendations: Probate lawyers

    Got a family thing going on and looking for the initial stages of a probate lawyer. Some wills are probable gonna be side work from this too. If you can recommend a person or firm I'd appreciate it Thanks
  12. WTS .40 S&W brass & 12GA hulls for reloading

    I've got about 5lbs of 40 brass - mixed head stamps, some nickel cases - make an offer 12 gauge hulls - about a grocery bag full, free with purchase of the 40 brass or make an offer Located on North Shore - can meet up in Woburn or Boston All laws will be followed
  13. WTS (5) Blue Tyranny shirts from the fund raiser - XL only - $15 each

    I bought a bunch of the 1st run Tyranny shirts with 5A on the back - size XL only. Price is what I paid - $15 each + shipping PM if interested
  14. Range 15 at The Cabot - Sept 6 - yeah, it's a school night

    Range 15 = a zombie movie for vets by vets. The jokes fly fast and furiously in this adventure film based on a zom-pocolypse event, it's hilarious and fun filled. Are you former .mi? Go see it. Are you a fan of zombie movies? Go see it. Do you like shoot-em-up movies? Go see it. Do you...
  15. North Shore Chinook - 7-19-2016

    A Chinook just flew over downtown Beverly - pretty low too. Not sure if he touched down at the Bev Airport or not. Anyone else see it?
  16. 22LR conversion with and AR upper?

    I have a new optic - red dot - on an AR Am I wasting time/effort by trying to approximate a zero with a 22LR adapter at 50 feet - or is a basic zero obtainable before moving to center-fire at 50 yards? Range limitations are the key - I do not have a lot of options for outdoor ranges at...
  17. Interesting eyewear for bi-focal shooters

    LINK A buddy sent me this link - interesting stuff
  18. Archery ranges and maybe leagues?

    I'm looking for archery ranges and/ or leagues around the both shore area. Indoor or outdoor Does anyone know of a public archery range etc to practice? This is not hi tilt specific so Olympic target type stuff is ok, it's more about the shooting
  19. Some On Ponit Funny Truth

    We host a party in celebration of St. Patrick - I've tried to NOT have this party for 2 years - Our friends won't let us so we host the party - a brunch. She and I are cleaning and planning and such - Today she says, "So how many of your friends carry?" I do some quick math and say - "A...
  20. Refinishing firearm wood at home - Who's done it?

    Based on this thread: I've got a wood project that needs attention - It's a shotgun that the previous owner "refinished" before it got traded in. I'm looking for advise on stripping - NOT...
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