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  1. Henry Commemorative Rifle to help save USS Texas Saw this on their site, if anyone is interested.
  2. Paul Allen has found the Indianapolis Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. Richard Mack Machowicz will not be telling us about future weapons

    According to Craig Sawyers FB page, Mack lost his battle with cancer [sad2]
  4. Star Wars Rogue One YESSSSSSSS, i am excited for this
  5. escape rooms This looks like it could be an awesome time.
  6. 2016 Boston Red Sox Megathread

    Looks like the Sox are at the fore front to land David Price. According to Gammons they are prepared to blow away anyone else's offer. They land him and with the addition of Kimbrel, their pitching staff at least on paper should be pretty decent starting next season off. Hopefully they let Mr...
  7. Army backs panel for Posthumous MOH for WW2 Vet
  8. Warcraft Film

    So the trailer comes out Friday.....Finally. They did release a 15 second teaser trailer I cant wait for this, i hope it doesnt suck. I loved the RTS games, Tides of Darkness was awesome. Ive wanted a movie set in this...
  9. A bill to ban level III and above Body Armor Another full retard bill. Did the Oregon shooter even have body armor? Or was it, like Aurora a tactical vest?
  10. Happiness is Belt Fed how does one gain access to all those fantastic belt fed machines of happiness?
  11. get a load of this travesty are you sh**ing me?
  12. Push to make D.C. the 51st state and John Oliver in his infinite knowledge Im sorry but everyone moves there knowing full well that it isnt a...
  13. New Bedford Casino

    The 3rd and last Public panel will be held tonite at Normandin Middle School 6-8 if anyone is interested in going that lives in the South Coast
  14. USNS Mercy reportadly strikes Arizona memorial Of all the things you DONT want to hit, i imagine the Arizona is probably close to the top.
  15. This guy may have a problem Holy sweet jesus
  16. Verdict Reached in Marathon Bombing trial

    The Jury has reached a verdict and will reconvene at 1:45
  17. The Man In The High Castle Show seems pretty interesting. U.S. has been conquered by both Germany and Japan
  18. Upcoming Goal Legislation def sounds good to me
  19. Paul Allen claims he may have found the Musashi This would be a huge discovery. The knowledge we could get from her especially if she is in 1 piece would be incredible.
  20. US Army Tests “Amerikanski” RPG-7 Derivative This could be cool, a cost effective weapon, of course. Im sure if it did get approved, the final costs would prob be 10x what it should be
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