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  1. Salesforce goes after fully semi-auto retailers

    More virtue signalling from the outdoor toilet known as San Francisco.
  2. Exotic Belgian Parlor Rifle

    .22 Parlor Rifle for sale. Octagonal barrel shows typical surface corrosion that reflects the harsh Parlor conditions this weapon of war was subjected to. Stock shows minor knicks and dings but features checkering aggressive enough to maintain grip with blood soaked hands. Ornate trigger...
  3. WTF is this? ID this gun

    Was cleaning out the in-laws and found a few long guns I’d forgotten about. One is a Winchester Model 92 .32 WCF made in 1930. The other is what’s pictured. I hope for Coolers sake it’s not a Parlor rifle as I was about to PM him regarding his lol.
  4. WaPo article on AR

    ‘I know I don’t need it, but that’s not the point’
  5. Open letter to David ‘I’m a cockslave’ Hogg

    Good read
  6. 50% off Optics Sale @ Sig

    Sig has some good deals on optics today. I just picked up a pair of 10x binoculars for $200, regularly $475. Similar deals on scopes.
  7. Official MA Calendar now available

    Get yours today!
  8. Trump .45

  9. NPR Suppressor story re: USMC

    Interesting article/story by NPR on USMC transition to suppressor use. Radio story had sound clips of shooting with/without that disproved the concept of them making shots silent. Also includes their testing electronic ear pro.
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