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  1. Deals and steals Can’t comment on 4 o’clock holsters. I use his AIWB holsters and mag carriers with pull the dot loops. not sure if he can do anything tuckable for IWB. Tony (the owner) is very responsive to emails. as noted by @Waher, Paul at PJholsters also makes solid kydex...
  2. Deals and steals

    For me vedder kydex holsters are crap. sounds like worth giving it a try if the only problems are scuffs on the back and feel of the leather. I don’t do leather so can’t make any holster suggestions there. Plenty of fuddy holster experts around though.
  3. Optic for lever action Henry .22

    @kalashkid my choice for rimfire scopes is the leupold FX-I 4x28. It’s not the cheapest scope at $300 but the optical clarity is excellent. There’s a reason I’ve never seen one on used market. leupold also makes a VX-freedom variable zoom (2-7x) rimfire with a cool BDC reticle. I’ve not used...
  4. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    @andrew1220 is setting up a gofundme for his UPS guy’s future lumbar fusion surgery.
  5. Deals and steals

    Sig romeo 5 can be had for $100, youd have to be on drugs to buy a TRS-25 or whatever bushnell RDS @Mrbiron regarding 80% jigs, 5D is a MA business who designed the current jigs, 80percent arms rips off other designs including 5D. Their billet lowers suck and do not fit well with most 7075 mil...
  6. Deals and steals

    XLR industries has 20% off everything today. Excellent rifle chassis. IMO superior to most MDT products. code 21CM20
  7. 2021 Black Friday deals and purchases

    I have a GF3 and am very pleased with it. They run great.
  8. Previously Pinned Barrel - Ok To Use?

    it looks like a cz scorpion barrel. CZ uses a 1/2-28 thread followed by a larger weird ass (18x1 metric) thread that nobody else ever used. More bizarre czechnology.
  9. Need a smith near Harvard Sportsmen's Club for a CZ Shadow with a round stuck in the chamber

    i would not want that near the action of pistol
  10. Need a smith near Harvard Sportsmen's Club for a CZ Shadow with a round stuck in the chamber

    CZ‘s are famous for having unnecessarily short chambers. If that round looked normal I’d take a close look at the chamber, perhaps drop some 9mm gauges in there to ensure it closes on a go. its also creepy that the firing mechanism allowed a primer hit. My beloved 92 or glock would be unlikely...
  11. Mounting suppressor under handguard

    To obtain guidance one needs to explain their equipment. forum members do not read your mind or know your equipment. It sounds like youre using a 1-3/8” mount. have you worked with threads before? if one can build an AR upper and employ a barrel nut then none of this is difficult. and If you F...
  12. Texas Domestic Shooting/Teal Shirt Guy/Graphic

    this is all by design. The establishment needed more violence so they created lockdowns. — and some of you guys watch too many movies. Both of these men are asswipe fools, but there was no reason to shoot the man in teal shirt. male insecurity-macho bullshit found permanent solution for...
  13. S&W 459 help

    Please for the love of God, don’t dick up a perfectly good gen 2 S&W 59 variant. Realize these pistols are going up in value and are now collector pieces. There is zero aftermarket support because it’s become an antique. Once the sights or grips are “upgraded” the pistol is worth far less and...
  14. Deals and steals

    JM Custom Kydex 18% off
  15. Deals and steals

    Not like it’s black Friday or anything….perhaps we could preserve this thread for ”deals and steals”
  16. Mounting suppressor under handguard

    OP what mounting system are you using? — if the threads are all the same direction, I’d use small amount of rocksett on the muzzle device and any mounts that might thread into the suppressor body. This is another reason reverse thread mounts (eg OSS) are such a great strategy.
  17. Deals and steals

    although hold up on that on…found a better opticsplanet use their code BLKF Brings it to $411 shipping is free id nudge you towards an eotech or vortex UH-1 😜 but the PRO is still fantastic
  18. Deals and steals

    yes very much so. I have purchased from them. I believe they’re in AL.
  19. Deals and steals

    best price I can find on an aimpoint pro is $425 + tax, no shipping. i own 2 aimpoint PROs. Great for what they are, although if you have plans to use a 3x magnifier at all I’d go for a holographic. despite eotech’s shifty history, I am a...
  20. Deals and steals

    Underwood ammo running 15% off with code BF21
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