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  1. New sale.

  2. ithaca 20 gauge single

    $130 Trade towards a pump
  3. WTB I few good priced items.

    Up. Any prebans under $20? Check out my want to sell thread.
  4. New sale.

  5. ithaca 20 gauge single

  6. ithaca 20 gauge single

    Up. Trade for a pistol or bolt action
  7. New sale.

  8. New sale.

  9. WTB I few good priced items.

    Check out my wts items, I also have a single shot 20gauge
  10. ithaca 20 gauge single

  11. New sale.

  12. ithaca 20 gauge single

    I had this up before. I tossed around the idea of keeping, it's without a doubt a fun thing to shoot. I'm not in the business of collecting guns. Purchased in bad shape, although functional, I need to replace the trigger. The stock had seen better days. I will include about 40 or so rounds...
  13. Samick bass

  14. WTB I few good priced items.

    I can meet up or send Venmo. Looking for a few things to hopefully save some money. 1. A good 5.56 scope (not looking to spend more then $150, looking for something used, scratches are absolutely fine) 2. Ar15 preban mags (anyone want to sell some cheap) 3. Ruger 10/22 stock (looking for...
  15. New sale.

    New sale thread. 1. Hightower 10/22 silencer and adapter. I will pictures later. Screened shot what it looks like. (Never used) $45 firm 2. 7.63x39 variety of ammo. 240 rounds SOLD 3. M&P 10 ten round mag $18 4. M1A 10 round orginal Springfield armory. $28 Will ship (not the ammo) via...
  16. New safe sale.

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