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  1. Kick ass dogs?

    Last 2 dogs we raised for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Ragu, on the right, was medically released and adopted by an older couple. She is enjoying her life being spoiled and caring for the husband who was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. Linden, on the left, is still in training to be a guide...
  2. 2019-2020 Bruins Mega-Thread

    Pasta hat trick
  3. Prayers needed

    Prayers sent
  4. Just got my dream job.

    Awesome, congrats! Clark’s was an annual visit when we had the family vacation home at Village of Loon, it is a fun place.
  5. Lost my father

    Sorry for your loss
  6. Democrats scheming to alter Massachusetts Constitution

    Democrats scheming to alter Massachusetts Constitution in bid to raise taxes Democrats scheming to alter Massachusetts Constitution in bid to raise taxes
  7. Breaking News - David Ortiz shot during attempted robbery

    Heard a later report it went in/thru the stomach area.
  8. Boston Bruins 2018-2019 Season......

    On Wednesday I would like to see Backes on the 3rd line with Coyle & Johansson instead of Heiden.
  9. Boston Bruins 2018-2019 Season......

    Time for a shorty
  10. My friend, a Marine

    Sorry for your losses, may they Rest In Peace
  11. Finally Free! No more China trips

  12. Class Feeler - "How to be an FFL"

  13. Boston Bruins 2018-2019 Season......

    During each of the Bruins losses during the playoffs the goals against are a result of self inflicted errors versus good play by their opponent. It is real frustrating watching the weak clearing attempts. The 2nd line is doing less than the 1st line, Butch has called all the forwards out for...
  14. Boston Bruins 2018-2019 Season......

    Bruins need to stay poised and hold their composure, the 3rd is going to nasty.
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