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  1. Joe Biden: No One Needs a ‘Magazine with 100 Clips in It’

    Anyone that deals with the elderly can see he's going senile. Instead of letting him just fade away, the dems are making him look bad.
  2. How long to you tumble your brass?

    Every person that has commented here, has their own way of doing it. None of it is wrong, just different. Don't analyze to much and you'll be ok.
  3. How long to you tumble your brass?

    I tumble it after reloading, maybe an hour. Just so the cartridges don't feel greasy.
  4. How long to you tumble your brass?

    How else would you clean them before packaging?
  5. How long to you tumble your brass?

    All the ammo manufacturers do to clean the oil and stuff off the brass before packaging.

    It's a video Joseph found on YouTube. Always take it with a grain of salt.
  7. Your guns won’t be seized by Robert F. O’Rourke....

    I was waiting for him to come by to see my guns.
  8. Disposing of Damaged Ammunition

    You won’t know until you try.
  9. Disposing of Damaged Ammunition

    Why not rinse them off and use them?
  10. Al-Baghdadi won't be down for a Halal Breakfast.

    That’s what they always do. Then he out foxes them. Then they say he’s an idiot, then he out foxes them again. How long is this going to go on? Don’t they realize we see this coming all the time?
  11. Nazi Guard Testifies

    So you’re an idiot?
  12. The President Trump Megathread

    Once Trump is reelected, these people are screwed. Why do you think they are doing all these things to him? They know once he is reelected they are done. He'll have nothing better to do than go after them. How will they stop Trump if they cant do anything to him? He's not going to run for...
  13. Dems “Outnumber” GOPs - in Polls

    After what happened in 2016, I'll never listen to another poll again. That proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that polls lie.
  14. How long to you tumble your brass?

    Dirty stuff I let go overnight. After reloading maybe an hour or to to clean the oils off the brass.
  15. Nazi Guard Testifies

    There is no value in prosecuting someone like this. DID you lose family? I did, my fathers mother lost every relative she had in Poland. We have one picture of some of her sisters, that’s all that’s left. This guy had no idea what was happening. why are you so angry?
  16. Nazi Guard Testifies

    Why so angry? Did you lose someone?
  17. Nazi Guard Testifies

    Whatever what?? Someone asked a question and I answered it. Are you drunk?
  18. Nazi Guard Testifies

    It was cheaper and more efficient.
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