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  1. New Car Feedback

    If I wanted a reliable car I’d avoid VW. Love the upscale interiors and how they drive but having owned 4 or 5 I learned the hard way. Never again. I drive a Tacoma and my wife 4 runner. This is her second one. Before that she had aHonda Pilot. None of these have ever been in the shop...
  2. Shotgun for coyote

    I'll tell you those Hornady Coyote Magnums kick pretty good. Even in my gas operated Beretta A400.
  3. Coonan firearms fiasco

    Here’s how it works. When a company is liquidated the secured creditors (people who have lent $ against assets like a building, inventory, accounts receivable, equipment, etc.) get paid first. If there’s anything left (often not but sometimes) then the unsecured creditors get paid (in part or...
  4. Cleaning an old blued AK

    Oily rag
  5. What’s your deer slug gun of choice? (Ma only)

    It’ll out shoot a lot of rifles. Other than shooting shotgun shells it is a rifle. Shhhhhh!!!!!!!
  6. Turkey hunting in Zone 10 MA on public land??

    Fall turkey hunting is rough. You kind of have to stumble on them and even then it’s tricky.
  7. Ticks, ticks, ticks...

    The tick tubes do work in the yard
  8. What’s your deer slug gun of choice? (Ma only)

    Savage 220 is really the killer app of slug guns. They just released it with the stock from the new 110 which is massively adjustable for fit.
  9. Steel case ammo

    A lot of steel cased ammo is bimetal jacket (steel that is copper washed). I would not put it through a fancy rifle with a hand lapped bore. It’s a bit harder on bores. For a Savage for which barrels are reasonably cheap and easily swapped I would have no concern.
  10. Now Massachusetts to ban plastic straws

    Lifetime supply inbound
  11. T/C Omega5 B.P. inline muzzle loader

    Personally I think the quality of the Thompson Center rifles is quite good. My current rifle is a T/C Bone Collector and I like it better than the CVA Optima V2 it replaced.
  12. T/C Omega5 B.P. inline muzzle loader

    Try Blackhorn 209 and you likely will ditch the other black powder substitutes. I think it’s miles better. Doesn’t foul nearly as much, you can shoot all day without having to patch the barrel. Only thing you need to know is clean with regular bore cleaner (i.e. Hoppes) and not soap & water...
  13. Love, love, love me some Ruger PC9

    Looks like both a collapsible stock and a barrel nut covering threads in that photo. Ruger is pretty good about making compliant versions though.
  14. Tree Saddle

    I’ve been thinking of one of these for run & gun. There are some public land spots near me that don’t permit tree stands.
  15. Grubs?

    Grub X needs to be applied fairly early, takes a long time to work into the soil. The Bayer product can be applied a little later. Too late for either. There are products (as linked above) that will kill actively feeding grubs right now. Unfortunately it’s damage control at this point if you...
  16. Inline and wind

    More surface area for the wind to push on and more time to push.
  17. Inline and wind

    I’d expect a .45 cal is impacted by a crosswind more than a .30 cal bullet? Also moving slower than say a .308.
  18. Collings Foundation B17 crash at BDL

    I saw it this weekend flying around, so cool to see. I think there are only a small handful left that are still airworthy. Very sad. Hope everyone will be OK.
  19. Which agency turned in all these G17 Gen2 Glocks?

    They’re popular because they are pretty cheap, they have about 5 parts and they go bang pretty much all the time.
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