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  1. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    American Firearms School in North Attleboro used to have Tuesday Nights set aside for ladies. Not sure if they still do.
  2. Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor Who's Using What?

    the one thing I like best about the safety razor is that the blade doesn't clog... like multi-blade cartridges do..
  3. Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor Who's Using What?

    I use a Merkur safety razor an Astra blades. Total investment of about $60 depending on model of razor. $10 for 100 blades.. One pass with the grain, second pass against the grain... Works as well as any $1-$3 cartridge razor out there.. Finish up with Witch Hazel as an aftershave. And...
  4. Northeast Kingdom VT

    I had to look up to see where it is.. Learn to speak French, maybe? Good luck with the new opportunity.. :)
  5. Ben Shapiro: Right-wing hero or opportunistic zero?

    I've been listening to the Dan Bongino podcast lately... I find his background in the secret service adds a very unique perspective to how things are done.
  6. Wife's emotional affair?

    sadly, it takes years to build up trust but minutes to tear it all down.. If you have to sneak to check up on her, it won't end well. Talk FTF and tell her that she broke your trust and to get it back she'll have to work to build it back up. Part of that is proving to you that you can trust...
  7. What should I do with old pumpkins?

    scout troops will be competing at Camp Norse in Kingston next weekend.. View:
  8. We might be moving back. Glocks still the thing to bring?

    LOL.. beats me.. Wife handles all the insurance paperwork. Last time I was in there it was Palumbo on Pleasant St. I think they got bought. She says they are now Hub International
  9. We might be moving back. Glocks still the thing to bring?

    yeah.. I've got some similar contacts in North Attleboro as well.. hrmm.. our insurance agent is in Attleboro... 🤔
  10. We might be moving back. Glocks still the thing to bring?

    yeah.. you don't want to do this area to Norton on a daily basis... I've been doing it for basically 11 yrs and I'm about done..
  11. Local Voting

    If you're in Attleboro, vote Dale Rheaume. Hunter, pro 2A... stay far away from moonbat loon Roxanne Houghton.
  12. GA Sheriff Claims Thieves Are Targeting Trucks With Hunting, Patriotic Stickers

    yeah.. I had some sort of liquid (likely soda or something) poured on mine for my NRA sticker at the Bass Pro parking lot of all places.. Noticeable as there wasn't a cloud in the sky for rain. People are fcking nuts.
  13. Under cabinet lighting options?

    yeah.. one of those things that the wife "needed".. so we went the cheap route as a trial.. if they were really "needed" we'd upgrade to more permanent hardwired lighting. Obviously.. they weren't as necessary as she thought. LOL..
  14. Under cabinet lighting options?

    think long and hard about it... we installed small battery lights under our upper cabinets.. they're NEVER used..
  15. We might be moving back. Glocks still the thing to bring?

    North Attleboro is a green town, and fairly conservative.. we could use any new conservative transplants we can get.
  16. Halloween postponed?

    my 13 yr old found the creepiest costume I've ever seen. Plague Doctor.. not sure where he got the idea for this one. We went by Medfield State Hospital to take some creepy pics last week.
  17. Question for anyone who ever entered a "Coyote Contest"

    Bass Pro did a yote skinning demo in Jan 2018... was an interesting display..
  18. What is a good, cheap source for MP3 music files?

    I recently found this site... seems to have a ton.
  19. Littleton Residents - We need your help!!! - FFL Attack underway

    that is bullshit. the fact that you all pay taxes in town and this asswipe won't at least give you the time to listen to residents/businessmen in town is infuriating.
  20. Babe Ruth: The Tale of Baseball's God and the last memory of New York City.

    check out this tidbit of history. Babe Ruth played ball for North Attleborough | North Attleborough MA
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